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l amour fou

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  • jungalee43
    02-17 08:36 PM
    Sent you a PM

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  • H1BLegal95
    01-22 11:48 PM
    Im hearing that most of Indian filers filed for EB2 which has lead to EB2 demand outstripping EB3.

    So of the two tortoises EB3 might move faster than EB2.

    Any comments ?

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  • kirupa
    11-19 07:04 PM
    Congrats lost! Voting twice for your own name *coug* mdipi *cough* doesn't really help all that much =)

    Kirupa :rambo:

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  • ak_2006
    02-01 10:40 AM
    I will forward this survey to my friends and colleagues. I will ask all of you to do so.


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  • amitjoey
    11-29 11:35 AM
    Pardon my ignorance, I am new to the Forum and saw this discussion. Waht is a LUD and how do i find out what is on my pending I-485 petition.


    LUD: Last update date: check status: input 485 Receipt no -on: http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis
    you will be able to see the last action on a case.
    You can also create a portfolio, save all your pending receipts under a username.

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  • Dhundhun
    06-26 01:02 PM
    If you paper filed your EAD and have done finger printing recently that could be the reason for 485 LUD. Its my opinion after every finger printing there will be an LUD in 485

    No. FP for EAD is catagory 2, FP for I485 is catagory 3. I have not seen any LUD on I485 for getting FP for EAD.

    As suggested by "mittal_a" it should be due to AC21 or some other routine stuff.


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  • bibs
    07-26 01:06 AM
    What are the documents required for EAD application assuming that I-485 application is already filed?
    At the time of applying for I-485, I didnot intend to apply for EAD.But after seeing a lot of application applied during July 2007, I realised that it may take years to get the Green card.So it is better to have a EAD in case if something happens to my job in the meantime.


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  • bluekayal
    05-14 04:47 AM
    google "follow to join"


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  • imh1b
    12-06 08:25 AM
    What are chances of Dream Act?
    What are the chances of including our provisions in the bill?

    What happens if the bill passes without our provisions?
    What happens if the bill fails?


    Null, zero, Nada, Zilch

    Just google Dream act. and then google Recapture visas. You will have your answer.

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  • jthomas
    03-24 07:05 PM
    I have a website for past 5 years. I started this when i was a H1B holder. It has a shopping card from 2checkout.com
    One has to register the name of the firm in the county and secondly get a sellers permit. To register a fiticious business name would cost you 25 dollars then a adv in a local newspaper for 2-3 times and then you can apply for sellers permit.
    Once you have a sellers permit and you are paying taxes there should not be any problem.
    I am a sole properitor


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  • dskhabra
    12-05 09:55 PM
    If you want to know the exact job description then labor is the only document which has the complete description. Usually the company will ask to fill some documentation for filing labor and labor is filed based on the available job and your skill set as well (that's what I have seen).
    You might get some idea of job description from the documentation you filled for labor but again will not be exact...

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  • Ann Ruben
    02-06 04:39 PM
    A new PERM filed before September 2010 will [I]probably[I] support an H1 extension beyond September 2011. There is contrary language in a May 30, 2008 USCIS memo on this issue, but the Vermont Service Center in liaison meetings with AILA has specifically confirmed that as long as the Perm is filed at least 365 days before the start date of the H-1 petition a one year extension is available.


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  • vin13
    01-09 06:49 PM
    We had a very good conversation with IO. He was sympathetic by mentioning that Green Cards can be a long and expensive proceess

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  • beautifulMind
    11-27 04:21 PM
    USCIS just went through the laborous task of processing more than 1 million applications for 485, ead, ap combined and also sending out FP notices and guess what, come Feb-march most of us will be ready to reapply for EAD and AP and USCIS has to go through the same process and this is likely to continue for next 4-5 years atleast..All USCIS wil be doing is processing EADs and AP..

    Don't you guys think USCIS must be seriuosly thinking of a solution to clear this mess once and for all

    1) Give 3 yr ead and AP

    2) As a one time thing make priority dates of all july applications only current :) (highly unlikely)


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  • zCool
    04-19 10:44 PM
    All of us might have gone wailing in streets and still it would have been the same thing..
    What happened last yr? in a word.. Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama..
    He's bought and paid for by racist anti-immigrant interest groups and no way he was going to be convinced based on merits of the argument!

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  • jest_1
    08-12 06:05 PM
    thanks for the answers guys. So does USCIS question about the out of status issue before the last re-entry/485 filing during I-485 adjudication ? Any idea about whether they approve/deny petitions based on this scenario ?


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  • Canadianindian
    07-06 11:25 AM
    Please post on the question on USCIS/DOS mess up, if there are enough people asking the same question then they migh answer it

    This is what I asked:

    Can the USCIS explain the mental, physical and financial trauma caused to 400,000 LEGAL immigrants. This illegal and reckless actions by the USCIS needs immediate attention by the law makers.

    What is USCIS doing to address this 300 million dollar fiasco. We need some response and justice. Please help (www.immigrationvoice.org)

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  • eager_immi
    08-01 09:41 AM
    Firstly you are in the wrong thread. People are not here to answer your questions at ur beck and call. There are enough threads on this topic, so please dig for ur answer urself. hello .....somebody ans meeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • iv_only_hope
    08-15 12:01 PM
    Thanks a lot for reply. I just want to make sure she can go to canada, cause she has a bachelors degree from India. Forgetting the security checks, I was reading that for such ppl they say go back to home country for stamping. Mostly ppl with us degrees are fine. WOuld she be safe cause she had one h1 stamped in india few years back?

    11-04 04:57 PM
    But I think it's thanks to CBN who pulled the consulate to Hyd when they were debating to have the consulate in Hyd or Bangalore. From what I know YSR govt just boomed up the realty prices but nothing else, though realty went up in other parts of the country too.

    PS: I'm not very sure but just expressed my thoughts as we are talking about consulate/Hyd/how proud we should be etc in this thread.For those who know better or disagree with me please feel free to do so by posting in the thread but not by giving red/accompanying mssgs. These days I'm so cautious that unless absolutely sure I don't take any chances with posting on threads so as to avoid upsetting people even remotely. Felt it's been long since I've been easy on IV threads..so I'm posting on this thread :)

    Thank you.

    Can CBN get us green cards too? :D

    09-22 09:33 PM

    Anyone got a generic response to an I-485 Service Request that "your case is awaiting standard security checks required for everyone who applies for this immigration benefit"?

    More importantly, did anyone get an approval for their I-485 after being stuck in such a check?

    Thanks much.

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