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  • sidd
    09-27 09:40 PM
    Hi there.....Even I want to find out if I-131 (AP) can be RENEWED without paying the fee when I-485 has been filed with the new fee structure. The USCIS site has not mentioned anything regarding the renewal fee for I-131 in this case (whereas it is clearly mentioned for the EAD). Is there anyone who can share his/her experience of AP renewal without paying the fee?

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  • aray
    09-29 11:14 AM
    Any more comments or suggestions from experts?


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  • freddyCR
    February 5th, 2005, 09:55 PM
    Even the humble beans can be beautiful..

    Exp. 1/240 s.
    Apert. F3
    Focal lenght 15 mm
    ISO 200
    Fujifilm S 7000

    Colors enhanced - cropped in PS cs

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  • ds37
    10-29 10:52 AM
    :)I was cited under open container law in state of NJ newark pennstation.will this impact on my immigration status . I am a july 2007 filer waiting for the GC and working on EAD

    You got your GC in aug and now again you are waiting for GC ??????

    You don't get GC every month OR you are still under the influance with that open container thing.



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  • neverbefore
    04-13 01:56 AM

    Would anyone of you know whether someone on H1B can go ahead and hire a US citizen and be their employer? I know some people do hire nannies. How about for other everyday occupations?

    Thanks and best regards.

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  • ramzi1978
    12-18 10:56 PM
    I have an "intend to deny" on my GC as EB1 that I got by applying myself as primary and wife as secondary. wife is on h1b and me on h4.we got EADs and if the GC is denied, we will lose the EAD.
    I want to incorporate for several reasons hence i will be using the EAD for that.
    using EAD invalidates H4 ? but H4 is automatic status based on H1b .
    My wife did not apply for GC as primary and me on secondary but we intend to that in 3 years when it becomes current as EB3.


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  • Exothika
    10-08 09:42 PM
    I have a frame on my main Window.xaml, when I click a link on the main Window, a Page.xaml page should appear. Only when I click the link, the page should load, but the page like auto runs without even displaying the main window. The main Window disappears in a flash and the Page.xaml appears. What should I do??

    Between, I use MS Expression Blend & C# for the development of my application.

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  • optimist
    09-23 05:04 PM

    LUD on my I-485 (TSC) had not changed for the last two years and I now find a soft LUD of 09/15/2009. Has anyone experienced recent LUDs on their pending I-485?

    I am asking because I am wondering whether USCIS has really 'touched' my file or if this is just a regular 'batch update' that happened to all applications, may be because of the new website migration.

    Appreciate your answers.



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  • jaybirch
    11-24 08:08 PM
    Hi, If anyone needs any logo/print work doing, check out
    She is a very good designer and has worked on some high profile designs.

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  • immique
    06-23 05:59 PM
    Sorry for posting this question again. but since I did not get an answer, I am posting again to see if some one can advise regarding this. I am trying to look up dates for H1 visa stamping in Canada and the website says no appointments for 6 weeks. I am thinking of going for visa stamping in July. is there any chance that they might open up some more appointments in the next few days even though it says unavailable currently? please post your comments and experiences regarding this.


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  • madooripraveen
    03-25 01:52 PM
    On March 12 2009 I got an query on my I-485.
    Requesting discrepancy in the labor applied on Nov'7 2002 and present working place.

    My company(abc ltd) applied labor on Nov'07 2002 while I was working at the clients(xyz) place in Los Angeles.

    I got my I-140 approved on Feb'15 2006, while I was with the same client(xyz) at that time.

    On Dec'04 2006 I moved to Detroit, started working with different client.

    RFE goes like this.

    The Documentation submitted with your application and/or a review of service records indicate that you no longer reside in the same state or geographical location as the underlying form i-140 immigration petitioner and /or job location specified by your intended permanent employer.

    There fore submit a currently dated letter from your original form I-140 employer which which address this discrepancy.

    I am still working with the same employer who filed my labor certification.

    Any gurus who can suggest me on the query would be greatly appreciated.

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  • haroontabrez
    10-29 03:27 PM
    Will I receive the actual AP document Or my attorney?
    (My attorney filed for my AP).



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  • eilsoe
    09-25 11:53 AM
    Does anyone think this looks like a warp effect at all? I'm thinking on using it in my tutorials section on my future site...

    warning: 270Kb, 1280x1024)

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  • mrdhoni
    03-17 11:39 PM
    Dear All,

    1. I was on H1B with company A from Januray 2003 to January 2008.
    2. I am on L1A with company A from February 2008 which is valid till December 2010 (my 7 year limit on L1A ends by December 2010).
    3. My Labor is applied in October, 2009 by company B.

    If my labor is approved or labor pending for 1 year, can I reactivate my old H1B with company B and start working with them.

    Please advise. Mr. Dhoni


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  • pd_recapturing
    04-22 04:39 PM
    This is what, I saw on Ron's forum. We would need to continue what IV has been suggesting since long .....

    Can USCIS be sued for picking files in random ( the only time they budge is when a federal judge put an order ).

    Ron Gotcher: Anyone can be sued for anything. In the absence of a large, well funded group of plaintiffs, however, I don't see this kind of suit going anywhere. For now, the remedy is Congress. Organize a group to initiate a letter writing campaign to Congress. Write to your own Congressman, your two Senators, and the chairs of the Senate (Kennedy) and House (Loftgren) immigration sub-committees. Get the facts straight and offer as much emprical evidence as possible. If Congress were to receive 100,000 such letters, they would definitely do something about this problem.

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-30 01:50 AM
    USCIS statistics reveal that only 1,000 H-1B "cap-subject" petitions were submitted each week during the second, third and fourth weeks of April. See At this rate, there will be H-1Bs available until sometime in September. However, I do not believe that this will be the case. Why not? Because, there are hundreds of thousands of F-1 students in the U.S. Many of these students will graduate from U.S. universities this June, and seek to work in the U.S. Regarding employment in the U.S., these students should consider the following: 1. They may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). This...

    More... (


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-06 12:50 PM
    If you care about America's ability to compete in the years to come, you know that having a robust, well-functioning talent worker visa system is critical. One group with a great track record for work on creating such a system is Immigration Voice. They're sponsoring Immigration Voice Advocacy Days June 7th and 8th in Washington and I urge all readers able to participate to please do so. IV has nearly 400 meetings scheduled with members of Congress and the Obama Administration and this is a great opportunity to have your opinions heard by people who can make a major difference...

    More... (

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  • mmk123
    08-04 12:46 PM
    sorry, posted on wrong forum initially.
    Reposting with new thread.

    Applied: April first week - it went in 2010 rush
    Received: April last week
    RFE: June first week
    July first week: RFE response sent
    July last week: Approval notice sent
    August first week: approval notice received

    Documents requested for RFE (also suggested by lawyer):
    - Client Letter, role/responsibilities, duties, technologies used, company profile etc.
    This letter also clearly stated all entities involved and their relationships with each other.
    - Purchase Order and Other contract related stuff (all possible). Everyone co-operated.
    - Badge (main bulding, her office), timesheets
    - photos (cubicle/office building,company logo etc), login screen, machine etc, client phone directory
    - copies of recent pay stub and offer letter, job duties

    Thanks to everyone who contribute on this forum. It helped us a lot. This is for my wife.

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  • mhtanim
    10-07 05:26 PM
    Prakash is the Ex USCIS OMBUDSMAN. He retired from his position at the beginning of this year. Please read this link:

    05-01 03:22 PM
    We urgently need stories from people in and around Austin,TX for a leading Austin newpaper. Austin has Intel, Dell, IBM, CISCO. I am sure there will be lot of material to provide to the reporter.

    Blog Feeds
    06-10 01:00 AM
    The July Visa Bulletin is out and there is really no good news. And there's terrible news for Mexicans and Chinese applicants. The Mexican 1st and 3rd family categories move backwards nearly two years. And Chinese EB-2 employment immigration applicants now join the Indian misery as priority dates retrogress five years (!) to January 2000. Here are the numbers: Family 1st - Advancement of worldwide, China and India numbers by one week to 15 NOV 2002. Mexico retrogresses nearly two years to 1 JAN 1991. The Philippines is stalled at 1 SEP 1993. Family 2A - Worldwide, India, China and...

    More... (

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