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  • jediknight
    10-30 11:08 AM
    One of their funny slogans is "Taxation without Representation", which should be our slogan really :)

    Legal Immigrants are the only group that pays taxes without any representati

    Has someone investigated the possibility of a legal challenge on the IRS withholding Medicare and Social Security Taxes? If that happens, there will be rush to pass legislation to remove barriers to legal immigration.

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-15 12:20 PM
    The fine folks at NAFSA have issued a report reminding people why the US needs to retain its commitment to international education and needs to fix many aspects of the current system. This sums up the importance of the subject: All prudent steps must be taken to prevent another act of mass terrorism on American soil. But a policy based in fear, that causes us to turn away from the world, is profoundly inimical to American security�because openness is part of security. The United States needs international students, professors, researchers, scientists, and future leaders coming to this country to further...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/12/nafsa-report-make-sure-cir-doesnt-leave-out-needed-student-visa-reforms.html)

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  • mjawadkhatri
    07-11 07:15 AM
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    for example
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  • chanduv23
    12-08 02:19 PM
    Some light coming up in the tunnel. Hope its not that of an oncoming train.

    Unless some political goof up turns, economy seems to be getting brighter and brighter. This might help translate into more jobs and opportunities..

    U.S. CEOs' economic view brightens; wary of hiring | Reuters (http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE5B73DY20091208)

    There seems to be mevement in the job market, but things are definitely bpound to improve once holiday season is over.

    We can see the uptrend beginning new year


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  • admin
    01-27 01:49 PM
    Immigration Voice Web Fax is live. You can now send faxes to highlight your issues, ask for meetings and so on. Currently there are only 3 faxes but we will be introducing many more over the coming days. This is a very easy way for all affected people to get involved in this effort. Please start sending those faxes and do spread the word to your friends and families.

    In the interest of effectiveness and cost, users will be able to send each fax to only 3 lawmakers( their 2 senators and one congressman). Also to increase the efficiency of the faxes, each user can send only one fax per day.

    To access the Web Fax feature got the Immigration Voice home page and click on Web Fax from the left hand side links.

    Raise your voice and be heard.


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  • crystal
    01-30 11:22 AM
    any idea?


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  • tbo
    04-06 11:34 PM
    so old but very funny for some reason

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  • go_guy123
    02-15 01:23 PM
    Remember, the worse the grade, the more we love 'em. And where's Jeb Bush? He'd definitely get a D-. Thanks NUSA for making it easy for the pro-immigration folks as well.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2011/02/numbers-usa-grades-2012-presidential-hopefuls.html)

    Jeb Bush D-...pro immigrant. I do see Jeb Bush or his son making a presidencial run in future. But they will only be for the CIR folks.


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  • downloadzombie
    06-14 10:36 PM
    Hi All,

    Seeems there is bigger gameplan around here..

    a compromise has been reached between Democrats and Republics for CIR.


    Lets hope all those eligible for I485 get green card asap.

    for rest (including me)we can hope that some amendments can bring relief.

    IV I have to say only one thing "When going gets tough,tough get going"

    All the best

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  • sanz
    02-25 11:20 AM
    how true is that .. whenevr spillover happens it happens


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  • hlangmo
    June 11th, 2005, 10:13 AM
    Here are a few pics from a boat trip i had yesterday.

    Hope you like them

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  • dikija
    12-01 11:40 AM
    Need good advice.

    My fiancee had an approved post decision status on her H1B application. She's waiting for an interview in the US Embassy for final approval.

    We're planning to get married so that she can bring me and our 2 year old son.

    My concern is what will we do, will we marry before her interview or after her interview?

    Another biggest concern is I have a pending petition from my mother who is US Citizen, I belong to F1 Category. I know that if we'll get married my petition will move to another category which is F3.

    So this is a bit confusing whether we will marry before her interview or after her interview?

    Please put some inputs. Thank you very much!


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  • franklin
    06-15 12:21 AM
    I think this should be termed "still bad news for most"

    Every with the opening up of priority dates, I would say that only a small minority will get a green card anytime soon!

    Back to work for us, the brief vacation was nice :)

    Don't forget, CIR took out most of the AC21 provisions...

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  • alok97
    03-03 09:38 PM
    Hi, Last year, I heard about a new rule that says that H4 time will not be counted against H1 time so basically, if someone is transferring from H4 to H1, the time spent in H4 will be excluded while deciding the duration of H1.
    Is this rule true ? I mean, has it become a law now ? Did somebody use this rule to grab the time spent in H4.
    Please let me know.


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  • cdeneo
    05-14 04:25 PM
    Valid AP is enough to travel - no one should care about your EAD if you are entering based on your AP. Ofcourse, always carry a copy of the I-485 and your wife can say that you are the primary applicant if they ask for her work status, etc...

    Traveling with an AP (w/o EAD) should not be an issue. Good luck!

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  • rexjenn
    07-19 08:23 PM


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  • someuser
    05-23 03:15 PM
    Could one of the lawyers/expert please provide their opinion on my situation?

    In 2004, my H1B extension was denied and later on approved in Nunc Pro Tunc. The nunc pro tunc process took a total of 64 days and when approved my I-94 was NOT back dated. Hence, I do not have I-94 for 64 days. Later on in July 2007, I filed for my I485.

    Since my approval, I have not traveled outside the country and I am currently on EAD based on my pending 485.

    The question I have, it's bothering me a lot, Will the gap in I94 for 64 days cause any problems in my I485 approval?

    Please advise.


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  • ncrtpMay2004
    11-07 02:02 PM
    do we need a funding drive do anything for the lame duck session?

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  • anilsal
    12-27 11:11 PM
    Upto now 5 confirmed for the call. What about the others living in IL?

    09-27 04:04 PM
    Do you mean 1099 by anychance?

    Do you mean an I9 form -
    that is required to be maintained by the employer for all employees (even US Citizens)
    Yes on EAD you can/have to fill that

    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=31b3ab0a43b5d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCR D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    08-26 05:01 PM
    I got my H1 approved in Oct 2004 and it was from Oct 2004 - Oct 2007. I used only 6 months of H1 and later went on TN (work visa for Canadian citizens) and remained in US working on TN for 4 years. I was in US all these years. Now even the earlier H1 approval duration is over, Can I apply for H1 with another employer using the old 2004 H1 quota cap or it has to be under new 2009 cap? Thanks in advance.

    Your H1 is NOT subject to cap as you had H1 in last 6 years.

    Not a legal advise.

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