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Toyota Rav4 Interior Photos

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  • bushido
    Apr 12, 08:41 AM
    ANALYSTS ANALYSTS ANALYSTS, so sick of them. what does it take to become a "analyst" some backyard trash talk? i could have guessed this with common sense

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  • fanbrain
    Feb 10, 12:10 AM
    Uhhh... it already does this. At least since Leopard. When you pull up the display pref screen, physically grab the little menu on the screens you see and drag it to the display you want. Similarly, you can choose the position of the dock, which indirectly chosen which screen to put it on...

    I have been using a 24" screen attached to my 15" MBP and have been wondering if it were possible to switch the menubar and dock to the larger screen. I was thinking of running in clamshell mode for this purpose, but now I can have the menu on the big screen, and have a second monitor!

    As a mac user since the beginning (Lisa), I can't believe I have never heard of this feature.

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  • clownbaby
    Jan 2, 08:41 AM
    I need to know who all these ladies on the first page are! So many women, so little time.

    But I did see Olivia Wilde on this page. My favorite.

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  • Peace
    Nov 13, 01:18 PM
    What movie?

    The latest Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis called "Live free or Die Hard"


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  • Mechcozmo
    Sep 16, 07:30 PM
    The USB ports on my PowerBook are about .25" tall. The Shuffle is .41" tall, but that is roughly half and half clip and player. If we call it .20" of player... the new Shuffle is too small to support a direct USB-->USB port connection.

    Now, USB cable that goes mini-B to female might have worked, as those are an 1/8th of an inch wide at the mini-B part (mini-B, BTW, is what most cameras have as their USB connections. Check Linkety (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB) for info)

    Anyway, simple fact of the matter is that the Shuffle is now too small for a built-in connector and a port for a mini-B cable may have taken up too much space or just been impractical to include. (I don't believe mini-B can provide power, or enough of it.)

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  • Transporteur
    Apr 18, 10:14 AM
    Whoops, missed that.

    Well, why wouldn't a Mac recognise 32TB? Of course it will, however, you only get 32TB of usable storage if you configure that device as JBOD or RAID0 (which is bonkers).

    But to be honest, the probability that everyone here has got a Mac with that very unit, so that he can tell you specific details is almost zero.
    So your best bet is to call the Dulce and ask them anything you want to know.

    For $5000 (does it actually include drives? If not, add another $3000) I definitely wouldn't buy that thing without knowing every little detail about it.

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  • slobeck
    Jan 6, 01:08 PM
    I'll be there as usual. This will be my, umm, 11th MacWorld. I thought about getting a flashforward package, but it's not worth it given what they're offering.
    To tell you the truth about MacWorld in general; some of the workshops are alright, i guess. The parties are fun, of course the keynote is 'it.' But beyond that, MacWorld largely is something of a "yawn." Don't get me wrong... I go. Every year. Like a lemming. I get enough of the hype that I swear they pump into the AC, pretty quickly. Then I go home to watch the keynote like everyone else, on the overloaded, start and stop H264 stream.

    Hoorah for MacWorld!

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  • dolphin842
    Jan 4, 05:03 PM
    3:00 at the marked horseshoe lounge sounds great to me. I think I can make that any day next week. Like vniow, it would help if people knew what day(s) they'll likely participate in this. I'll probably only spend part of one day checking out the Exhibit Hall, and I can make that any of the days...I just need to know which one to choose! :)

    I'm not heading to MacWorld myself, but FWIW I set up a Doodle poll to hopefully help those who won't be there everyday to figure out when it would be best to drop by.


    Hopefully you folks can get a good turnout... have fun!

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  • lordonuthin
    Aug 21, 04:26 PM
    I'm at work so this is from memory...

    1) 2009 Macpro 8 core 2.66mhz
    6 gigs of ram, Mac OSX 10.6.4
    40-50k ppd running -bigadv

    2)home built rig in server box
    i7 980x at stock speed
    12 gigs of ram, Ubuntu Linux
    ?? ppd standard a3 units
    this is the one that will get windows and a gtx 480 so it can run -bigadv + gpu

    3)home built rig in server box
    i7 920 at stock speed
    6 gigs ram, Win 7
    ??ppd standard wu
    2x gtx 275 gpu 7k ppd each
    1x gt 260 gpu 4k ppd

    4)home built rig in server box
    AMD cpu 6 gigs ram, win 7
    ??ppd standard wu
    2x gtx 275 gpu 7k ppd each
    1x gt 260 gpu 4k ppd

    Update: on PPD the gtx 275's are getting more like 9k ppd and the gt 260's are getting about 7k ppd

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  • Synthion
    Apr 15, 05:16 PM
    Am I the only one here who actually LIKES Premiere?

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  • Joshuarocks
    Mar 22, 02:00 AM
    Am I reading that right? Your G5 can't view 1080? it plays fluid on my Dual 2.7. YouTube or Quicktime.

    I have a Octo Mac Pro that I barely use and a hex core AMD, there's just something really special to my G5 that I've been using everyday since 2005. I keep it maintained, dust free (air dusters) monthly, also recently gave it a new Pioneer DVD-RW with labelflash. I may get another hard drive for it some day. Plenty of space as it is anyway. Western Digital blue 1TB and 500GB Samsung.

    Though I really need to open the G5 cover and check to see what make the pump is.

    Most likely you might have the Delphi pump.. I never had the Panasonic when I had my G5 Quad 2.5 years ago, but then again from what I heard and also read on xlr8yourmac.com, very very few G5 Quads had problems with the LCS and leaks, compared to the dual 2.5 and 2.7 models.

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  • Maxwell Smart
    Jan 9, 09:42 PM
    I'm not surprised, they are probably holding off, so that way when they release iWork/iLife it will be to fanfare rather then just a mediocre entry after the grandiose iPhone.

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  • Affirmed
    Apr 13, 05:35 PM
    Give us an update for 64bit multicore power and the instant render and we'll be happy. Just don't charge us a slap in the face to bring the software to modern day standards.

    Agreed. We would gladly pay $300 a license to upgrade each of our current FCP seats to 64bit and not have to interrupt our pipeline.

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  • 0010101
    Nov 13, 05:55 PM
    As soon as I read that dudes response, I just knew some anal-retentive types would come along and bust on the guys sentence structure, punctuation, or some other such thing.

    Holy Christ, people.. get a life.

    Dude is posting on a blog, not submitting an entry into Encyclopedia Britannica.

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  • Thanatoast
    Sep 5, 02:25 PM
    A phone makes sense as it is fast becoming the digital center of our mobile lives. I just hope it has PDA functions built in. I hate carrying around more than one gadget in my pocket.
    My number one concern. I need a pda with my phone, and if Apple's not doing it, I'm stuck.

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  • NathanMuir
    Mar 4, 05:35 PM
    Wow! That couple needs some serious marriage counseling. Hopefully, they can work out their issues and get back to a healthy marriage.

    I seem to remember the radio program hosts, where I heard the story from, indicating this wasn't the first time something like this happened in the marriage.

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  • MikhailT
    Oct 5, 12:03 AM
    I specifically mentioned Final Cut since all the installation files takes up something like 40 gigs - kinda big don�t you think?

    80GB External drives are being sold for 30-40$ at most. I�m sure they can offer it next to the 10 DVDs package or something that�s offered for Final Cut for 40$ more. Far easier and faster to install from an external drive than 10 DVDs. A lot of huge packages are starting to come in the external drives instead of 10 DVDs.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Dec 3, 03:19 PM
    Not to mention anything of the Sequoia, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Armada, Pathfinder, GX460, LX570, QX56. Why do the Asian companies always get a free pass on their giant offerings? They want in on that party just as much as any of the Big Three. In fact, I'd say Toyota is trying way harder than any of the big three brands, with 6 distinct SUV offerings (rav4, fj, highlander, 4runner, sequoia, land cruiser).

    Domestic truck sales dwarf those of the Japanese, but you have a point. I'm not giving them a "free pass". Perhaps Toyota's increasing concentration on SUVs and the Prius has something to do with their worsening circumstances.

    But the fact of the matter remains: the Japanese car manufacturers do not survive solely based on their truck sales - but the Big Three absolutely rely on strong truck sales to stay in business.

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  • iAlan
    Oct 18, 08:12 PM
    this is getting old!:mad:

    As am I :D Ad I hope an iPod video is out before I die or we can start calling the rumor 'The memorial iAlan iPod video next Tuesday" thread

    Aug 21, 06:38 PM
    I've had problems with stability trying to overclock but maybe when I have some time I can do some tweeking.

    Well so far old stuff just sits around :D I have 4 identical naked amd rigs I should get on ebay, they were too slow to make a difference in my points, plus other odds and ends I don't use any more.

    well if you are having trouble overclocking, i'd be happy to help you out. i'm not the best either, but i've been learning.

    so did you upgrade to that 6-core processor? or did you build a new system around it?

    May 3, 01:09 PM
    The Dell CPU costs about $800.

    Intel� Xeon� Processor X5687 (http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=52578) - $1663.00

    Oct 18, 02:07 PM
    December's actually later than I was expecting. I was fully expecting a big release for the iPod's 5th birthday (later this month).

    Oct 14, 06:57 PM
    I work at a small embedded software development house and I am moving my entire team to Macs (MBP). We do mostly Linux-based development and we are using Parallels on the MBPs to run Suse Linux and then using X11 on the Mac to have a single unified desktop.

    I hope in a couple of years to have the whole company moved over. You should see the interest from the other teams in how we are using Macs (and if they can join my team!).

    I could not have done this if it was not for Apple's Bootcamp and Parallels and the Intel switch.

    The world is changing!

    Sep 12, 12:31 PM
    steve Is Not Wearing A Black Turtleneck
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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