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Cadillac Escalade 2010 Hybrid

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  • TheNightPhoenix
    Nov 14, 03:56 AM
    My Major gripe with the whole "Holidays" vs "Christmas" is this...

    Yesterday I received a verbal warning at work for organizing a Christmas party. The term christmas is oppressive to those of another faith. I was therefore purposely oppressing work colleagues and this is a sack-able offense. I just laughed the whole thing off.... that was until... I got an email from the MD. This year....
    NO Christmas decorations (they are offensive)
    NO Christmas Tree (they are offensive)
    NO MistleToe (it is offensive)
    NO Christmas cards (they are offensive)

    I was so angry I walk out of work and came home. To have my brother tell me my nephew who is at a catholic school is no longer having christmas holidays... but festive holidays. As they're had been complaints made about the term Christ being used on letters sent to local residents informing them of the children's holidays times. The local council will also put up holiday lights, not Christmas lights... even though 90% of the lights are of Santa, Reindeer etc and won't be lit till the last week before christmas.

    It seems in todays society the Term Christ is the most offensive word u can use. I try to be tolerable to other religions but when mine is being repressed so badly its very hard to be understanding.

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  • MacVixen
    Mar 4, 05:06 PM
    Weird that he didn't try to shake her off. Mythbusters showed that it's impossible to hold on to a car beyond a certain turning force.

    Ok, see that is where I was going with posting this article. I was wondering if it were even possible to hold on to a windshield wiper blade for that length of time? I mean, wouldn't pressure or force or something cause the blade to snap? They just don't seem that strong.

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  • drakino
    Apr 19, 09:37 AM
    I am considering which version to buy. Is it better to run under Mac OS or Windows 7 via Bootcamp? My computer is MBP 2010 17".
    No need to consider. Buy it on Mac, and you get it on Windows too. Buy it on Windows, get the Mac version too. All you need is the Steam app installed in each OS, from www.steampowered.com. The best part is that your save games auto sync between the two sides, using the built in SteamCloud service. You can flip back and forth all you want.

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  • Xian Zhu Xuande
    Apr 5, 05:04 PM
    I agree. No wonder the economy is doing so bad if people behaves so carelessly.
    Again... this is advertising. ;)

    I imagine they bought the cheapest iPad for this. $500 is nothing to pay in exchange for the advertising benefits they'll receive from a video such as this. If it results even in a handful of people buying their product they've turned that purchase into profit. Also, Apple profited from the sale (and also from the appearance of their product).

    This is the economy functioning...

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  • toddybody
    Apr 26, 12:32 PM
    Wouldn't surprise me if they are favors at the overrated royal wedding over there.

    I usually listen to BBC on my commute to hear a more unbiased perspective on current events (compared to US media). With all this Royal Wedding garbage, NPR looks more beautiful than ever :p

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  • hkyriacos
    May 4, 01:18 PM
    Hmm.. Mine does that as well but I thought that was a result of the latest jailbreak... Could be wrong... Anyone?

    I had the same problem exactly after the latest jailbreak.

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  • iPhone1
    Dec 31, 10:45 PM
    Happy New Year!

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  • CanadaRAM
    Sep 10, 06:04 PM
    *girlish giggle* Why helloooOooo Mr. Dis.
    *turns on hazard lights* (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=1725004&postcount=62) :p

    Place of Dis old pal:
    Y'may want to watch your back in Apple Stores

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  • MattyMac
    Sep 17, 10:30 PM
    if you look at the apple store, the picture with the new shuffle and the earphones show the old earphones ones..didnt steve say they are coming out with new earphones? as shown on the apple store with the nano? i wonder if the shuffle gets the old ones still...hmmmm

    Steve never said the shuffle was coming with the new earbuds...however he did make it clear that they were coming with the other new iPods:(

    I am wondering the same thing...guess we will have to wait and find out.

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  • airforce1
    Apr 28, 04:38 PM
    Its not Apple that we are worried about here....Steve. Its how others will use this info.

    And who ever they are they evidently knew more about it from the inside circle.

    we are supposed to believe apple did not use this to track people when they limited the iMovie for iPads to ONLY WORK if you agree it uses your locations, same with photos tagged with locations, now final cut also promoting LOCATIONS, duh, yeah right, only Apple techs online would argue this is not true, they lied to the FCC and the FCC is also chasing them now

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  • Beanoir
    Apr 17, 10:03 AM
    So when you were young, you just blindly followed what older people said to you, even if they were completely wrong? Kids don't think they know everything, they just don't like being accused (and treated) wrongly.

    No, i would refer the matter to another adult like I advised you to do in another of my posts, so they can then make a judgement call.

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  • Obi-Wan Kubrick
    Apr 11, 08:21 PM
    I'm excited Steve is on board for this book. I just hope it isn't because he is dying and wants to approve of his own book before he dies.

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  • res1233
    Mar 27, 06:07 AM
    Can you enlighten us a bit more as to where you get these proportions? Looking at my 4GB MBA I see that there is nearly no free RAM, the page ins are at 1.52GB, and the page outs are a measly 22.6 MB with a swap of 6 MB. How does no free RAM equate with your rational above?

    People go crazy seeing all these numbers and not understanding it, and thinking they have to upgrade their RAM/Computer... What is your total "Inactive" + "Free" RAM? That is the true number you should be looking at. Unix likes to fill your RAM with old memory incase you want to use it again to speed things up, this is "Inactive" RAM. If free ram gets filled, Unix will dump something in inactive memory before writing to the page file. But this is not something most consumers would know. All they know is "free" memory vs "used" memory. Most of them couldn't tell you what "Wired" means either... Maybe Apple should go with a dumbed-down version by default, and an advanced mode for those of us who know what it all means.

    EDIT: Also, if these firmware numbers are correct, then nothing in the update has changed, contrary to what has been claimed. I remember this update, and i got it the day it came out, and I seem to have the firmware version they say I should have to unlock the 8GB, so it seems that the update never changed at all.

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  • marcelo002
    Sep 12, 02:00 PM
    If they designed the nike+ to work with the new shuffle, then I would definitely consider buying it, I think this small shuffle would be a perfect running companion.

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  • TheEvilDonut
    Jan 2, 09:17 AM
    Mine for the moment.


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  • ChrisA
    Mar 29, 11:50 PM
    A net reduction?? Time to invest in a calculator there Chris. Driving your electric car does not cause a reduction carbon levels.

    Although your mention of waste heat is an interesting one. Modern gasoline engines are about 33% efficient. Meaning 33% of the energy produced by the engine is in the form of kinetic energy - motion to propel the car. The remaining 67% is lost as exhaust emissions, and waste heat.

    I did work it out. But you only did half of it. So 67% of the carbon in gasoline is wasted as heat. Most of it going out the tail pipe

    Now assume you burn coal, convert that to electric power and use that to charge the car. I'll claim that waste heat in that process is less than 67%

    But it's actually better because we are not 100% on coal. We use natural gas, hydro and even wind and solar. So all considered the electric car is much better. In the North East they use a lot of hydro power so a car there really is clean.

    Next you have to look at the 20 year life of the car. The electric car will get cleaner every year as they slowly clean up older power plants. The gas car will always be a gas car. If you think about how much carbon is used over 20 ears the electric car look even better (depending on how fast they clean of power plants)

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  • Klut
    Sep 12, 11:30 AM
    I hope Steve will talk about the MacBooks, talking about how well it has sold, and then say something like "which is why, we will uppgrade both MacBook and MacBook Pro"

    That would be funky. :cool:

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  • mainstreetmark
    Aug 2, 04:44 PM
    Let's see, I have a few dozen things I'd like to see:

    - (S)FTP-mountable volumes that you can WRITE to.
    - Faster spotlight. I really wouldn't mind, but they got me believing it'd be "instant", and really it's just "fast" right now.
    - A "calculate folder sizes" in the finder that acutally applies to all windows.
    - A few more display options for files in finder. That "Group By People" one in Spotlight is kinda clever. A large tile mode would be good.
    - Folders in the Finder that hint about what's inside. LIke a folder full o' word docs would have a word doc icon imposed on the folder.
    - A whole new Label system that is A) Not ugly and B) color customizable
    - A new dock, or at least a new dock feature! Or, at least avoiding the situation where an item dragged to the trash accidently gets a permanent home on the dock instead. The dock is, like, 10.1 technology
    - resolution independence, of course. I want to zoom out a bit.
    - an optional grey, translucent layer below the current app that makes all background windows a bit more in the background. I get confused if I can't see the traffic lights.

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  • BigPrince
    Jan 7, 08:05 PM
    I will be touring San Fran at 3:00 sorry. But I will be around and the city is so nice. I walked around for 4 hours and also visited the Moscone Center.

    Apr 28, 11:14 AM
    Let me add another perspective. I have owned several laptops - two of them "sub-notebooks".

    May 1, 07:34 PM
    [QUOTE=zephonic;12494107]No. Hellhammer is right. The T3500 is comparable to the base-spec single-CPU MacPro. Same CPU, same RAM, just a different graphics card.

    "Same CPU, same RAM" ignores all of the other things that make a computer valuable. Don't forget the case, the ease of component changes, the power supply, the reliability, and the amount of overbuilding (or underbuilding). Oh, and there's also that "OS" thing.

    Just matching CPU speeds is like comparing Fords and Porsches based on horsepower ratings. If a person who wants a fast car can't see the value in a Porsche then by all means get a Ford.

    Sep 12, 11:03 AM
    it says "Live Broadcast" when loaded in QT...

    Why wouldn't it be live?

    Oct 17, 11:28 AM
    What's trim support?

    Garbage collection for SSDs.

    Apr 11, 04:24 AM
    It differs. I had one of the last white G3 iBooks, I think it was 800 MHz.
    This was good looking (a transparent layer on the white shell) IMHO and while it scratched easily it lasted very long and I think the case was very durable. Ok, many of them had faulty logic boards, but that is a different story...

    I forgot about the iBooks (slightly before my laptop buying days). Those were pretty solid feeling. Only down side to that design was all the work you had to do to change the hard drive.

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