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  • likemyorbs
    Apr 7, 06:06 PM
    Why could it not have a secular constitution?

    Significant numbers are Christian, actually. 4% now, 8% until 1946, and of course Maronites make up 22% of the population of Lebanon.

    It could have a secular constitution at the beginning, but constitutions can be changed and thrown out if the wrong people gain too much power. Islam is a threat to secularism when they gain large numbers and political power.

    And 4% is not what i would consider significant. That's just silly.

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  • peterjhill
    Aug 8, 09:30 AM
    I think its your connection or location... or something regionally specific to you.

    Yes, remember that this is all Akamai'd or through some other company "edge cached". So if you are close (in a network sense) to a cache server that is not busy, you will get great streams, but if you are in a city that is somehow oversubscribed, you might be screwed. I am in Seattle and have not been able to get the stream to start. There are a lot of mac users here.

    Possible issues:
    - Load balancers in front of cache servers could be hitting some limits
    - Servers with content over subscribed
    - Network uplinks of caching site oversubscribed

    That would be my guesses. You think your upset, I bet Steve Jobs is pissed as hell. It makes me wonder if there are better ways to do this if you don't want to pay for all the hardware needed to support 100 million views in the first 24 hours... Something like a queueing system that requires you to click on something when it is ready to serve you video. What must be killing them is all the people reloading and re-requesting the video.

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  • patrickfish
    Jul 15, 08:47 PM
    The Death Grip is not a myth. I can hold my phone for 20 seconds or so and lose all signal all the way from 5 bars. On top of that, I've had issues importing photos on the phone into iPhone. This is also my second iPhone 4 this month due to said issues.

    I just returned my iPhone 4 and got a full refund.

    If Apple says there is not an issue, then they have their heads up their a$$es.


    BTW, I have always held my phones in the Death Grip fashion. My hearing is much better on my left ear, I can't listen with my right, neither can my sister who is deaf in her right ear.

    I have consistently had dropped calls with the way I hold it. I am NOT going to hold it "Different" because of a design flaw. I hold it tight to my left ear (I'm a rightie) and I hold it covering the part people are saying you are not supposed to hold it. Why? Because that is most comfortable for me and the way I have always held it.

    You know, this whole iPhone 4 things has been a debacle. The lost phone, the search of a person's computer and home because of it, no iPhone 4 WHITE news, the crappy rollout, the lack of phones and news. The iPhoto problem. It's just tainted any good feelings I've had for the iPhone 4.

    On top of that, I HATE the boxy feel of the phone. It's hard to hold and does not fit comfortably and you never know which side is which.

    I'm happy with my 3GS now and I'm glad I did not sell it!


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  • LouieSamman
    Apr 11, 11:43 PM
    The home button is part of the mechanism for escaping crashes so it would be a bit dumb to have the means of escape software based' ie touch.Also it is useful for device orientation. Further, it is part of the iconic design. Were it to be lost the iPad would like like any other generic slab. I would be amazed and dissapointed if it turned out you were right on that one.

    Insert the pigs!

    They can always bring the home button to be a side button. Theres no need for it to take space in the front of the iPad. They could utilize the space with a thinner border and bigger screen without increase the size of the iPad.

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Nov 3, 05:53 PM
    It would make no sense for Apple to go with a CDMA technology though. GSM is used by almost everyone in the world bar a few markets. With a GSM phone they have the whole European market for phones for example, with a CDMA phone they have a market limited to mainly Verizon and the few other carriers around the world who use CDMA (IIRC, some in S. Korea, some in Brazil and perhaps some other in North and South America).

    Apple most likely don't want to have to make loads of different phones, so I'd expect the iPhone to be GSM Quad Band, therefore covering the largests possible market for mobile phones.

    Right. It would be foolish of Apple to have an extra Engineer on staff just to handle CDMA and doubly foolish to make a second radio board for it, and triply foolish to have a second stock SKU just for the 90 Million or so CDMA users in the US and the few hundred million (335M+ total) others in Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, India, China, Australia and Iraq.

    It would make no sense. Lunacy, I tell you - Lunacy.

    What would be even crazier would be to use a TI software-defined-radio to handle CDMA, GSM, Wi-Max, and 802.11. Nuts!

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Mar 12, 02:58 PM
    Just found a guy locally selling a full watercooled 980x and tri sli 480s complete system for $1200. :eek: Ramage III Extreme + crap load more. This could easily bring me up to around 175-200k PPD with just 2 boxes :eek:

    So long Macbook Pro/OSX :p I'll still have iOS :)

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  • SubaruNation555
    Dec 7, 10:22 AM
    Oh how nice, instead of AT&T doing the work themselves they are having us do it for free.

    **** you AT&T

    Well provided AT&T actually acts on the information generated by the app, it's a win-win. Customers get to report exact gaps in performance and AT&T has an inexpensive and widespread source of feedback to act on.

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  • emiljan
    Apr 6, 01:02 PM
    Why can't micro**** just support standards for once and stop trying to reinvent the wheel?

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  • STLSigns
    Oct 14, 03:35 PM
    Any news about more Macs being sold is good news to me. Over the summer I moved my DSL and Phone # to a new location, it took a week for them to make the switch so I had a Dial-Up # for that week. The person I spoke with when getting that # wanted to know what kind of computer I was using and when I said Mac OSX he said "...more of you guys out there than I thought".
    He's even noticed more people calling with Macs. Cool.

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  • StokeLee
    Mar 28, 10:39 AM
    So since I have stopped listening, if you could, please explain about the hard drive being worth $179. Because Newegg is listing 120 gig laptop drives for less than $80.

    Ok here goes...

    Fair comment, Major Nelson, or the guy he's talking to goes on to say about the price difference, the enclosure for the drive, the testing done for the drives that have to live up to a standard of performance and how long they last for. Quality control I guess, yes i know theres been problems with the xbox 360 before anyone says anything about that, but then again, we only hear mainly about the problems with peoples consoles, not about all the ones that people arent having problems with.

    Microsoft dont make the hard drives, they buy them, enclose them, add the required software, etc, and then sell them at a profit, OMG a company making a profit,.. I do think that they should drop the price though, but not to less than $80, Id say $140 seems fair.

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  • andrew050703
    Sep 6, 03:20 AM
    If Apple were at some point going to add a smartphone capabilities into its iPhones, then I doubt it'd be in the first version. If they do this, they're jumping into the mobile phone making market for the first time, so it'd be way too big a leap to jump in with a phone that's the swiss army knife of the digital age. The goal is going to be take away mainstream phone sales from companies that are launching phone & music playing devices. Smartphone users, while high in number, are still not mainstream.

    Maybe someday they'll have a range of phones and smartphone will be an option? Are you a Newton fan by any chance? :P

    And my current "smartphone" is a Palm T|C and a Moto SLVR.

    From the 'Steve Jobs boasting' rumors earlier, it would seem to suggest that the iPhone is way better than anything out there, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some form of pocket apps in a business version (a la PocketPC pda phones), with just itunes & other stuff in a standard consumer version.

    Any thoughts on ipod accessory compatibility - like will the nike+ module just fit into the bottom of the iphone like it does on the nano?

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  • bowens
    Aug 9, 09:55 AM
    I still can't play the video. This is pissing me off. Are that many people still watching this thing?

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  • marksman
    Apr 22, 12:10 PM
    No iPad app for Concierge.com magazine WTF

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  • bushido
    Apr 30, 08:53 AM
    cant say about the US but where i live the iPhone is kinda losing its image, the market seems to be saturated and people are getting sick of seeing iPhones everywhere. the times where "OMG an iPhone" were the norm r long gone and people r looking more and more elsewhere > android. it's kinda like going shopping at H&M ... "its pretty but i dont buy it bc i know a billion other people who own the same pants"

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 10, 08:15 PM
    This will be one of the few books I will read in my life...

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  • Beanoir
    Apr 17, 10:03 AM
    So when you were young, you just blindly followed what older people said to you, even if they were completely wrong? Kids don't think they know everything, they just don't like being accused (and treated) wrongly.

    No, i would refer the matter to another adult like I advised you to do in another of my posts, so they can then make a judgement call.

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  • heisetax
    Nov 10, 10:20 AM
    Oh please. word opens in like less than a second and I only have a core duo and 1.5gbs of ram.

    I only have 1 GB with my MacPro. Excel & Word only run slowly if I'm also running Parallels Desktop for Mac at the same time. Add in FireFox & you'll find out how slow virtual memory can be big time.

    At those time I'm not sure I can wait until those FB DIMMs come down in price to a more reasonable, affordable level.

    Bill the TaxMan

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  • Zaid
    Sep 13, 09:04 AM
    Whereas now you can be unbearable instead. Result!.

    precisely :) :D

    Also with the free flowing beer (we're going to oktoberfest) this ought to be a good weekend !

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  • Taustin Powers
    Jun 25, 05:43 AM
    I see the post is directed at me, but it feels like you are talking to some imaginary person who has nothing in common with me.

    I’ve heard the same thing when touch screens came out. "OMG! Don’t take away my keyboard! Waah! Waah!"

    Um, ok. Waggling's been out for quite a few years. Still not my thing. To each his own though, that's why we have options. :confused:

    Just because you have a narrow mind and can’t see past shooting aliens over and over again while mashing buttons, doesn’t mean that what you do defines gaming!

    You don't know ANYTHING about me, the narrowness of my mind or my gaming habits. Most of all, I have never claimed to be in charge of the definition of "gaming".

    I feel sorry for those who think that the way you play a game is supposed to be like so "pure" and "traditional". Get a life, man...it's video entertainment. It's a toy. :rolleyes:

    Again, nice bunch of assumptions there. It's actually a lot simpler than that: I PLAY VIDEO GAMES TO HAVE FUN. No more, no less. :)

    EDIT: Also, my whole post was in response to your whining about people hating Microsoft. My "old fart rambling" was just saying "most people here are open-minded, own multiple consoles and don't blindly bash certain brands". What on earth even prompted you to write all that nonsense in response???

    Apr 13, 01:21 PM
    REALLY impressed with what I'm seeing... can't wait to hear about the other apps in the suite, especially color and motion

    Oct 17, 07:57 PM
    Wait a minute...I think I see your problem. Just click once on you document folder and it will open very quickly.
    what you are doing is simulating a right click (Click and hold the button down). this will bring up a Start menu-like interface).. I think if you right click this will happen instantly, too.... (or maybe it's option-click...I'm not on my mac at the moment, unfortunately). There is SUPPOSED to be a delay when you click and hold like that.

    I've never seen Finder slow... and I'm on the same machine as you are.

    (of course I may have completely misread this and be totally wrong, in which case I would ask what apps you have open, how much memory is on the machine, etc.)

    No, I already knew to cntl-click. I originally meant right click on the documents folder. I guess I have a lot of folders because it takes mine forever to open. I have 1 GB of ram and things do get sanppier once something is cached but it is still painfully slow.

    It also takes awhile for my system to open windows with many folders or files in them.

    I have always thought OS X finder was slow. OS 9 always seemed snappier and windows has a much snappier GUI. I am just hoping that Leopard fixes these issues.

    Nov 13, 01:07 PM
    I thought Apple would dump him because he was portraying a hacker in a new movie.Folks were wondering if the hacker would use a PeeCee or a Mac.


    Apr 13, 07:35 AM
    Then it isn't a T1.


    3mbit/sec is still pretty slow for this. That's only 375K bytes/sec. A 600MB media file (the size of a CD, and apx. the size of an H.264-compressed full-length SD video) would take about a half-hour to transfer.

    Now, with my 30mbit/sec Internet service, I expect to be able to transfer, from the biggest sites anyway, at maybe 20mbit/sec. At certain times of the day, I get the full 30. At 20, though, that 30 minutes shrinks to 4 minutes.

    Depending on what kind of connections your users have, you could frustrate the heck out of them with this setup.

    MOST businesses have no legitimate need for running online servers in-house. Certainly, for the typical web hosting, it almost never makes sense to do it in-house. Because of the large amount of storage needed in this case, though, what makes sense is probably co-location. You do need to minimize the physical size, because one component of colo charges is how many "U" (=1.75 inch) units the equipment occupies.

    Colo facilities typically have "hands-on" support available. It can be fairly expensive (like $50/hour) but how long does it take to swap a hard drive? And with a RAID array, you could probably get by with no attention for a little while. If the place is in-town, you can go there yourself to replace a drive if needed. Otherwise, you give them a spare or two, and if something happens, they charge you, say, 15 minutes to swap out the drive (which will take them 5 minutes).
    so op your from ameria right? here were i live in the uk bisiness have generally leased lines that is dedicated symetric bandwith for them only and its garenteed. here the general costs are for dedicated 10 meg down 10 meg up about �400 a month over copper pairs, or depending where you are about �600 for 100mb down 100mb up dedicated over fiber. id figure out the difference betwwen a eqiv connection in america and your cost of your current curcuit and try budget that in too. 10 meg up 10 meg down will be plenty.

    Jul 30, 08:33 AM
    I wish they would do away with it in the US.

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