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  • yly3
    Mar 15, 02:47 PM
    I have been a Windows Phone user since day 1 when it was launched and to be honest, Microsoft beat Apple at their own game. Making a shiny awesome looking software. To be honest, because of WP I am sure I won't by any other OS. I mean, all other OS(s) look so 2007 now, especially the iPhone.I just can't buy anything else, it feels outdated.

    In the end, I sold my WP (HTC HD7) in late February because of the ****** battery (yes..1230 mAh in a 4.3" screen !! but I didn't expect to be that crap) and my next touchscreen phone would a Nokia WP, that coming somewhere in mid 2012 at eariest ..

    Anyway, my point is to do not underestimate Zune. It's a very good software, modern. It's just that Microsoft is ..well..not very good with marketing I guess..

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  • JulesNYC
    Apr 23, 05:30 PM
    Have you tried setting reminders/alarms in iCal.

    Works well for me.

    I tried using iCal when I first switched over in '06. I integrated my Google calendar with it, but stopped using it because I often access my calendar in places other than my home computer. So I stuck with Google calendar and its "cloud" capabilities.

    I know I can get MobileMe to access my iCal anywhere, but I rather not pay for a service when there's free (though shoddy like google cal) alternatives out there.

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  • ckesten
    Mar 28, 07:28 PM
    Hello -

    I am using iMovie 11 and have searched for an answer with no luck.
    I have a scene where 2 people are talking and one talks over the other. I'd like the ability to remove one of the voice at a point in time.

    Appreciate the help in advance.

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  • AJ.G
    Apr 2, 09:27 PM
    Just when i thought i was set on the Macbook Air, i checked out a review about the new Macbook Pro 13" and i realised how many bells and whistles, aswell as improvements, i can get, for possibly cheaper.
    I'd be using my new mac for the usual, iTunes, Chrome, Safari, Word Processing, but most importantly, or the decisive fact, Photoshop and Illustrator CS5. Now from checking out mroogle, and Macrumors threads, i came to the conclusion that the MBA would be just about adequate for my needs. But then i realised how much more comfortable, and just for peace of mind, id be with a Macbook Pro. i think i went into buying an 11" ultimate for the wrong purposes.

    My two options would be:
    Macbook Air 11" Ultimate-
    1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM
    128GB Flash Storage

    which comes to a grand total of 10648HKD/8,965.10 CNY/1,368.99 USD


    Macbook Pro base 13"-
    2.3GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5
    8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM � 2x4GB
    320GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
    SuperDrive 8x (DVD�R DL/DVD�RW/CD-RW)

    which would come to a grand total of 10648HKD/8,965.10 CNY/1,368.99 USD

    so for the same price i get double the RAM, some ridiculous amount of better processing power, which if im correct, is necessary for photoshop, aswell as is the RAM. I also get just under 3 times the storage capacity, which also adds to the peace of mind, plus i get a bigger screen size to work with.

    Aswell as an SD card, thunderbolt, and disc drive.

    What im losing is the SSD and thinness of the macbook air. The thinness isnt all that important, because i find the MBP to still be rather portable, and the SSD, whilst it is lightning fast and everything, it doesnt quite compensate for the processor difference.

    i think im pretty much set on the MBP, and i know that i should buy aftermarket RAM, its just i dont know where to buy the screwdrivers, so if anybody could give me heads up to either a link for the screw drivers, and possibly RAM? that would be great!

    Also, any recommended sleeves/ bags? i dont want to put a case, for i find them ugly, but a sleeve would be nice.

    So do you guys think i should go MBP or MBA?

    Am i missing anything?
    If anybody wants to share their experiences between picking between the MBA or MBP feel free to share. I want to see what others think.

    all the best,


    P.S. im a student, and this is all my money, which ive been saving for the last year.

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  • Chundles
    Oct 8, 10:25 AM
    I still can't believe you lot in the USA have gone for yet another incompatible-with-the-rest-of-the-world frequency for your 3G network meaning that anyone coming to the USA won't be able to use your 3G network and your 3G iPhones will be about as useful as a one legged dog outside the USA.

    It's interesting that the T-Mobile guy thinks that the prime use for 3G in the USA will be email and other user generated content and not music though. Personally the last thing I want is content rich email on my mobile phone.

    I can't believe 3G is new for the Americans.

    Land of the free indeed....:p

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  • MR.Raul
    May 4, 11:45 AM
    whoa bummer, I was looking forward to playing that when mine came in :(

    Me too!

    Is almost the pure purpose of me buying the high end 27"

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  • nanofrog
    Apr 26, 02:08 AM
    Either way, they seem to be alright value and about as good as any other 240GB 6G drive on the market now. I was going to get an OCz but after reading an OWC article on how OCz supposedly uses off-spec NAND chips it really put me off the idea :)
    I'd skip the OCZ drives from what I've seen as well.

    I believe I have found a place to source some X5690 for cheap, but they are being pulled from an Dell R710 server. Have you any idea if the chip design for the Dell R710 is the same as retail or altered somehow/specific like the HP DP X5690 with a different IHS etc.. like in the below link?

    AFIAK, they're standard (come with an IHS). The photo of the HP P/N supports this as well (standard part, as sold as OEM or Retail).

    The only one that immediately comes to mind (no IHS), is with the 55xx parts Apple used in 2009 DP systems. They went to standard parts with the 56xx used on the 2010 DP systems (standard OEM parts with the IHS, and added the latch cover to the socket as Intel designed it). I suspect skipping the latch cover and using naked parts was a failed attempt (by Foxconn actually) at cutting costs, but did away with it due to defect rates from bent pins during the assembly process "eating" those savings due to the expense of rework and waste.

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  • pgwalsh
    Jan 30, 03:54 AM
    Welcome to the Mac community. You'll find people here that have some great knowledge. I have a G3 400 and I think OS X rocks on it. Can't complain too much about speed. Going to ZIF it soon.

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  • THX1139
    Apr 22, 01:56 AM
    Watch out for typos.

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  • vniow
    Oct 23, 07:04 PM
    Nope, vniow, I can't load it in Opera, Firefox, Camino, IE6 or 7. Only Safari. On Windows I had to download the file and open it in GIMP.

    I think I figured it out. Its not a JPG file, its saved in something called Adobe Planar RGB or at least that's what the Get Movie Info says in Quicktime. Its not the size, its the format.

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  • r1ch4rd
    Apr 23, 03:40 PM
    Better they use the same gestures etc. as Apple if they are going to push forward with multi-touch. We don't want to end up in 10 years time with a situation where every device has a different method for doing the same thing!

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  • Darwin
    May 5, 07:44 AM
    Agreed, a little more detail would help.

    I can only assume that a setup is already in place which would preserve the internet speed and local transfers. That setup is mostly wired from what I read and you possibly want to make use of Wifi. I'm also guessing that those 60 connections might be devices or services?

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  • macg4
    Dec 17, 04:54 PM
    yeah ill take it if u ship. i will pay u $10+shipping for it. pm me

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  • Surf and Turf
    Oct 26, 12:22 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Hrmpf reports (http://hrmpf.com/wordpress/90/apple-describes-new-interface-for-ipod) on a particularly revealing patent application from Apple that was published on October 26, 2006.

    The name of the patent application is "Electronic Device Having Display and Surrounding Touch Sensitive Bezel for User Interface and Control". The patent describes and depicts a full-screen touch sensitive iPod very similar to the various Video iPod Mockups (http://guides.macrumors.com/Gallery_of_Video_iPod_Mockups) that have been floating around the web. The application was filed in June of 2006.

    The focus of the patent is the incorporation of a touch-sensitive bezel (edge of screen) that can adapt to the screen contents to provide an input method for the user. Hrmpf suggests that the use of this non-screen area would eliminate many of the "smudge" and "scratch" concerns for a full-screen touch iPod.

    The diagrams included clearly depict what appears to be a full-screen Video iPod. The rumors of a full-screen Video iPod have been ongoing for some time, but picked up steam in February 2006 (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/02/20060209095419.shtml) with claims that the full screen Video iPod would arrive in the coming months. Later reports (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/04/20060413131333.shtml) indicated a delay with some recent reports (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/10/20061018143033.shtml) of a late 2006/early 2007 release.

    Numerous other patents have described possible touch-interface methods, but this is the first patent application to depict a full-screen iPod so clearly. It also could represent the "None-Touch" iPod interface that was described in July (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/07/20060724212925.shtml).

    Update: There seems to be some misinterpretation of the picture. The circles in the bezel do not represent "buttons". The entire bezel would be a smooth surface that would be touch sensitive. A touch-sensitive Bezel iPod would still look like this mockup:


    This patent was purchased from a company in Buffalo, NY
    It will be implemented in the new ipods.
    When ?

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  • mjstew33
    Dec 22, 07:33 AM
    I have a mint condition, barely used original Airport card. nothing is occuping the card. Should I keep the card for a few years then try to sell and makes some big bucks because they are already rare? Or, should I just go sell now and make $130 or something like that.

    Sorry if it doesn't sound right or punctuation is wrong... I just woke up :o

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  • GregA
    Oct 4, 05:49 PM
    Using GSP and Iphoto only makes sense if the photo's have the GSP location information as part of the photo. So that mean that the Camera taking the picture has a GSP reciever in it, which is great outside, but GPS does not work indoors

    My father has a map in his car. When he's in a tunnel or carpark, I believe it switches to using motion sensors to determine where he is. This is pretty accurate.

    most new cell phones in the U.S. at least already have GPS built in so the location of the phone can be tracked by emergency responders. It's hardly something new being developed by Apple that will make the iPhone any more subject to governmental data-mining abuse than any other mobile phone.

    Assuming apple's not making a camera ... perhaps Apple will simply make the iPhone record your location during the day. Then when you sync at night, it can upload where you were that day (integrated with google maps?). And it'll then optionally sync that data (your location) with the time your pictures were taken. That way we don't have to buy a new camera yet :)

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  • themyst
    Apr 6, 10:29 PM
    I believe dev team has their hands full getting the 4.3.1 jailbreak working properly across all devices (e.g. 1 bar issue on ip4). Once that's squared away, they may begin devoting more attention to the iPad 2. Still on 4.3 hoping for the best!

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  • discounteggroll
    May 6, 03:17 AM
    have you tried installing anything else? could be a bad or scratched dvd, but I would definitely make sure your software update is current

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  • reader50
    Dec 31, 04:55 PM
    Since the table layouts were pulled and the page is now heavy with CSS, iCab no longer renders Macrumors correctly. Specifically, the sidebars both get rendered at the bottom of the page, below the main content zone.

    Please note, this is not a complaint! The advertisements in the sidebars were distracting, it's nice to only see the top banner now, go right to the stories. :)

    iCab 2.82 for OSX.

    Apr 29, 11:18 AM
    starts the drumroll....

    excited to see what the outcome of this is!

    Poop Boy
    Feb 22, 05:18 PM
    People still use Infinifolders?

    FolderEnchancer ftw.

    Henk Poley
    Apr 5, 05:00 AM
    I'm not seeing (http://adium.im/sparkle/?year=2011&week=13&graph=line&normalized=1#model) many MacBook Airs getting used (see the "Model" graph).

    Sep 27, 09:40 PM
    As far as I know Palm is the best way to go for what your describing, plus its the most compatible with OSX. One of the Zire's should suffice. I personally like the Tungsten T5 myself.

    Nov 23, 10:20 PM
    who's lupe??

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