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  • wickedG35
    Feb 27, 12:14 PM
    Why not just get an 8GB iPod Touch? Is the camera feature an absolute must?

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  • Duke Leto
    Apr 21, 03:21 PM
    I made a project in C that was a "command line tool" in XCode. It uses GLUT/OpenGL, so it does have a user interface. It works fine, and I can run it from Terminal, but I was wondering if there was any way to allow it to run from Finder.

    I did create a new target (a Cocoa application), and I included the linked frameworks and removed the prefix header and it compiles and runs. However, it won't work from Finder. I think that the problem is that my program relies on a file named "Input" that it assumes is in its directory. I tried using
    FILE* data = fopen("../../Input", "r");

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  • Coleman2010
    Apr 8, 08:18 PM
    I am trying to do this similar thing - but I am confused

    Do I need a pc software based VPN? Can't I just use my router VPN? I have tried VPN with just iPad and router but not working. I wonder if it is because my ip address to my router from cablevision is not static? Although my router ip hasn't changed since I started trying to do this, it keep failing.

    Argh I am so pissed that I can't figure this out even with google
    The reason I used a computer based VPN server is because the Apple Time capsule does not have VPN built in. If your router can serve as a VPN server, use your router.

    What router do you have?

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  • yoak
    Sep 13, 03:02 AM
    Why wanna wait for a 300$ iTV half a year when you can have a 24" iMac now?!?!?!?!? And I'm laughing: WIRELESS... but Ethernet Port etc. p.p.... very helpful! No thanks guys, I'm gonna buy the Cinema-iMac!!!


    I´m guessing here, but the price maybe?;)

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  • GimmeSlack12
    Apr 14, 05:00 PM
    I don't own one but I have thought about picking one up to try out that UFC Trainer game. It seems like it would be a good workout.

    Just take a good look at the reviews for how well the system picks up your body movements. My gf got "The Biggest Loser" game which I advised against cause of the reviews, but sure enough, the Kinect doesn't see your movements when you're on the ground very well (amongst a number of interface flaws). And thus, the game got used one time, and one time only.

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  • arn
    Dec 31, 12:48 AM
    Originally posted by kb9000

    Does Anyone know what typeface the MR title is set in?

    it's presently Myriad


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  • armandocerna
    Mar 22, 08:46 PM
    Why don't you just split the audio with a Y adapter so that you don't have to switch it. It will just always be active. This to me seems like a cheaper and better solution.

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  • jav6454
    Oct 26, 03:13 PM
    I want to know why Verizon isn't getting all these early? Oh well.

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  • Michael CM1
    Sep 6, 09:33 PM
    The new Apple TV has no onboard flash storage. It also has no USB port. How is it supposed to compete with those other devices? There's also no way it has the processing power to compete with the Xbox 360 and PS3. You add in the lack of any control other than the basic Apple Remote and you have little to no chance of a successful platform for anything other than video, music and pictures. I bought an Xbox 360 Arcade for $150, and you can get a newer model now or soon with a 4GB HDD and built-in WiFi for $200. You add a $10 Windows Media remote and you've got something WAY better than Apple TV.

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  • Butler Trumpet
    Feb 10, 07:05 PM
    Check out http://www.iskin.com they have just released new wild iSkins that now come with a cover for the iPod wheel. Thats awesome, cause lots of people I know have an awesome iSkin that protects great, but the wheel is all scratched up. So this is pretty sweet!

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 12, 04:54 AM
    I have had my office PC on SETI since 1999. Transfered all my units to MR 2004. My, now ageing is still working 24/7 on SETI (Boink) :)
    Damn I deserve a medal for that. :D

    I also have my MDD and iBook folding at home.

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  • Moustache
    May 4, 07:07 PM

    I already did the PRAM reset but still issues, I didn't try SMC yet.
    Will tell you guys.


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  • 840quadra
    Dec 6, 08:55 AM
    Thanks all.

    Someone PM'd me directly after this post and I am going to buy (at a fair price) some new headphones from him.

    Since I am a man of my word, I am not going to back out of that deal!

    Thanks again!

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  • SquishyNoodles
    Apr 26, 02:02 AM
    That seems like a really cool program, especially if you are looking to create a gif from your favourite TV show, or something.

    What are you wanting to do with the program, though? Because you could always pause the movie or video you are trying to cap from and press control+shift+4, this brings up a box which makes a cap of only the parts of the image that are selected, and conveniently saves it to your desktop.

    I understand if you are trying something a little more complex, though, that this would be a tedious and inappropriate way of going about it. :)

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  • chimpboy74
    Feb 10, 07:11 AM
    thanks all. I'm aware of the apple refurbs (my mini and macbook are refurbs. its a great way to save some cash!)

    Thanks for the advice all. iLife is definitely required so I think he will just go for a standard version

    thanks again

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  • pgwalsh
    Jul 29, 05:32 PM
    I assume you referring to streaming music using iTunes. If so, I'm pretty sure not being able to play purchased music is part of the DRM. However, if your computer is authorized to play the songs purchased by the account that bought them, then I think it lets you stream them. For the purchased music, I'd recommend moving one of them onto your computer and authorizing it for playback. Then you'll be able to stream all the others bought with the same account. Or, you could just copy all the purchased files, and stop streaming them.Well that's all find and dandy, but if you want to share your purchased music with your office so they can listent to your library, your out of luck.. That's sad and should be fixed..

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  • gkarris
    Mar 15, 03:32 PM
    IAnyway, my point is to do not underestimate Zune. It's a very good software, modern. It's just that Microsoft is ..well..not very good with marketing I guess..

    They seem to have done well with the XBox...

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  • Nermal
    Apr 11, 06:53 PM
    If you search, you can find a download link that is hosted on Microsoft's own servers. (Or, their digital-distribution partner, Digital River, anyway.)

    Which is linked in post #2 of this thread :)

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  • barijazz
    Jan 25, 11:15 AM
    I mainly want more ports on the ACDs so that I can hook up my apple t.v. and watch HD movies on it. I can't believe apple didn't offer HD movie rentals for computers.:mad:

    Anonymous Freak
    Aug 13, 10:22 PM
    So, unfortunately, my fancy display isn't finished yet, and most of my Macs are in storage at the moment, but here's a video of what I've got at the moment...

    The video (http://att.macrumors.com/contest4m/337636.mp4)

    Here is my .Mac Gallery link ( http://gallery.mac.com/ehurtley/100023 ). My .Mac Gallery has Tiny, Mobile, and Medium sizes; whereas the version I attempted to upload to MacRumors was a customized 'Mobile' movie. (I lowered the bitrate, and had lower bitrate mono sound compared to a 'standard' Mobile movie to make it fit under 15 MB.)

    Thanks for fixing the uploaded version, Doc Q! (So, I tried to upload it 4 or 5 times. Were there a bunch of copies, and I just wasn't getting the URL, or did it not upload at all?)

    Feb 24, 08:58 AM
    How the hell do I get a rar file to work? I DLed it and it opened with VLC which does nothing.


    You have to use this.


    Mar 14, 05:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Never seen one in the wild. Just in stores. A Target, to be specific.
    But the UI, graphically, was actually really nice. More mature than Apple's elementary schoolish UI. Similar aspects have been ported over to their windows phones and they look great. But Apple's ecosystem can't be touched. Period. Be it Zune, Xoom, Android, Honeycomb, whatever - no one has, or can(?) develop an equivalent ecosystem. Game. Over.

    Apr 14, 04:32 PM
    Competition regulation in many EU countries require apple (or providers) to unlock any handsent with some restrictions (you may have to prove you've waited a certain time, or you are required to pay a fee etc), but I know that in France for example the provider that sells the iPhone there is required to unlock any handsent provided it was sold at least 6 months ago, for a 100 euros. Even if it wasn't bought/sold in France.
    Some countries like Belgium don't even allow sim locked phones (or used to not allow) and some carriers sell them with out sim lock by choice in others, like Slovakia, and then some other countries I think can only unlock phones that are locked to a certain providers network, like Hungary T and Voda I think can only unlock T and Voda iPhones respectively, but perhaps phones bought on other networks (Ie T-mobile Germany, or Voda UK or New Zealand or whatever) some of these services maybe taking advantage of these work arounds. If this is the case, these unlocks are legal and Apple has no legal way of relocking these phones. IE in france they HAVE to unlock your phone even if it is ATT... or one would think so logically. Although this info maybe off, but it was definatley the case during iPhone 3g sales...

    Are you sure that's correct? So you're saying if I go to France with my locked AT&T iPhone 4, the carriers there will have to unlock it for me if I ask? I actually just asked this question in another thread and I'm getting mixed responses: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=12393503

    Mar 23, 01:09 PM
    I was planning on getting there after two. Hope the queue isn't too long by then.


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