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mac makeup classes

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  • MarkMS
    Nov 1, 04:32 PM
    How where you able to get those icons to display their stats like that.. I have geektools installed and haven't a clue how to use it

    Right-click the desktop>Show View Options>click Show Item Info. From there alter the font size, position, and grid spacing to your liking.

    Hope this helps. :D

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  • agkm800
    Apr 16, 12:31 PM
    What are your thoughts?

    Are you saving much fuel cost?

    What about the noise and driving feel or feedback?

    What about the care and maintenance?

    Will you buy a diesel car again?


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  • redeye be
    Feb 15, 03:34 PM
    Don't have a product recomendation ready but looks like u will deffinetly need a document feeder. I have a flatbed scanner without feeder and wouldn't even dare to dream about scanning 100+ pages on the same day :eek:

    As for the usb, i don't think u should be concerned. A 2.0 scanner will work with your 1.0 PB ( :confused: - mine does ;) )

    You will however need good OCR software (could be in the package, could be the package sucks)

    Cheers and good luck searching.

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  • HooHar
    Jan 22, 02:16 PM
    If I were a betting man, I'd bet on new displays (or at least a price drop) at NAB. ;)

    Have Apple ever announced new hardware at NAB before ?

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  • dejo
    Dec 14, 12:23 AM

    Ah, thanks. Not only was I confused but a tad slow on the uptake.

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  • didb
    Mar 31, 07:30 AM
    What are the chances of seeing this on e.g. Windows anytime soon? It would really broaden the connections and usefulness of the quite neat piece of app. Anything new on this case?

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  • Siggen
    Apr 16, 05:55 AM
    they are having trouble with the A5 bootrom. Looks bad.

    But a userland exploit works, at least for 4.3 and partially for 4.3.x

    Yhe reason the 4.3 jailbreak has yet to be released is that the hack contains apple code, and distrubuting the jailbreak would be piracy.

    So i think he is trying to write his own code to exchange the apple parts.

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  • rayz
    Aug 8, 06:06 AM
    take it easy on them, they saved apple's ass in the 90's. if it weren't for them apple would have gone 'rupt. they also have to worry about a thousand different hardware configurations whereas os x 10 has to worry about the mac line.. give 'em a break. (not an ms fanboy) :mad:

    That is not strictly true. The MS purchase of Apple shares was little more than a token gesture to show that MS still believed in the company. It was good publicity for Apple, but it really did fall far short of 'saving their asses'.

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  • zap2
    Dec 11, 06:51 PM
    wat kind of iPod

    (i know 20Gbs) but what Gen?(

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  • treehorn
    Mar 17, 03:17 PM
    I used to be able to do it in Compressor. It took ages for it to accept a mkv file that I had dragged into it, but after a VERY long while the spinning beach ball would stop and it would appear in the window so I could apply whatever DVD settings I wanted.

    However that seems to have stopped working. But if you have an older version of Compressor or haven't upgraded your system in a while you might try it.

    Otherwise, if you have the late lamented Visualhub (or are able to find a working version) you can convert the mkv directly to a DVD.

    Or you can use Handbrake to convert the mkv using the best quality settings possible and then use Compressor (if you have it) to make a DVD

    Those are all things I've done so I know they work.

    I haven't done this but it seems to work - if you have Toast, drag the mkv into the Video tab with DVD-Video chosen.

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  • sonofslim
    Jan 9, 02:41 PM
    the tabs on the homepage are back to being weird on IE 5.0 under OS 9.2.

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  • pulsewidth947
    Dec 27, 07:43 AM

    Nah, just repair permissions after, if it works anyway then it doesnt really matter about doing it before. Just make sure you do it reasonably regularly to keep your Mac a happy Mac.

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  • Lauralena
    Jul 4, 08:35 PM
    I am a novice to OS X and have two questions involving sound files.

    1. At work (system 9) I can save sound files to my desk top. I double-click on them and they sound instantly. With OS X (what I have at home), when I click on a wav, mpg3 or snd file, iTunes opens and plays the sound. Highly annoying! :confused: And what's worse, THEN iTunes starts playing everything in its inventory after it plays the sound. Is there any way to create a sound file I can double-click on without opening up an application?

    2. Some sites have sounds that I'd love to download. But I can save them only as Quick Time Movies (yes, MOVIES!). In other words, when I click on "save as," I am forced to save them this way. So needless to say, when I click on these icons on my desk top, they don't play, and I get a window saying "The movie file [say, Orig_0000818e.IETemp] cannot be found. Without this file, the movie cannot play properly," followed by "Couldn't open the file [name of file] because an unknown error occured. The number of the error is: [say, �128]." How can I save/convert a Quick Time movie file containing a piece of audio to something that I can save on my desktop and double-click on?

    I just want to click on a sound icon and hear it immediately. Why is this so difficult?

    Thanks to anyone who can help me!

    P.S. I tried using something I downloaded called Sound App. But it was only operable in 9. When I realized it, I trashed it, as I didn't want to convert to 9 every time I opened it. Now I use something called SoundConverter. But that doesn't help with my two problems above.

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  • Doctor Q
    Oct 29, 07:50 PM
    That would be cool, but there could be a hitch: A lot of those lyric sites get shut down, because you're supposed to license the lyrics from the publishing company in order to be able to use them. So this could cost Apple a lot of money in the long run.

    Lee TomMaybe Apple would only have to pay if it showed you the full lyrics. If, instead, it let you type in a portion of the lyrics and then showed you songs that match (not the lyrics of those songs), it wouldn't involve royalties. I'm not sure how they get the lyrics in the first place, though.

    Also, if the Music Store sold more songs because of the new "lyric database" feature, they could let you download the lyrics for any song you purchased (sort of like album art), pay a royalty, and maybe still come out ahead because of the increased sales.

    What percentage of tunes have "official" lyrics of some kind, i.e., published by the artist or label instead of by fans who might guess or might transcribe them incorrectly?

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  • The Tuck
    Apr 13, 12:20 AM
    This has NOTHING to do with being out of contract. Please stop spreading this myth.
    When you buy an iPhone you buy it WITH a two year contract. Whether you use it or other networks or not has nothing to do with ATT getting their subsidy money.

    That's why I'm saying that they're going to soon be offering official unlocks for AT&T iPhones. They already offer them for ANY GSM phone that they sell once a subsidy contract has ended. At that point, you have paid them more than the full amount of the phone's value and you actually own the phone. They should offer an unlock for iPhones that are out of contract, just like they do for any other GSM phone they offer.


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  • Mac_Freak
    Sep 11, 04:07 PM
    I was a sophomore in HS. As our English teacher came in the class he said something like like the towers have gone down and something about people gathered around the radio and listening (the school year has just started so I wasn't paying any particular attention to what teacher was saying) Then At my last class, which was music, as I enter the room there was a radio on. Teacher has told us that the WTC in down, and you could hear the disbelieve and shock in the radio announcers voice. He has also told us that TV and phone lines are down; which were not. Oh, I forgot, I went to HS in Queens, NY. Any how this is when I was finally able to put the things together.

    There was a guy in my school who was from Middle East and he had to skip school for some time because some people have threatened him. There a lot racism going on in the city, business destroyed people attacked and all because of their race.

    My mom was in Manhattan, and since all the bridges and tunnels were closed, she had to walk over the bridge - as many others - to Brooklyn from where she took a bus home.

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  • chuckles:)
    Sep 12, 09:17 PM
    oh ya, could someone explain what they mean by "gapless playback"?

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  • demallien
    Oct 25, 03:50 AM
    Yesterday I ordered my first MAC: MBP.

    So im asking myself, if there will be maybe a "cheap" update solution to Leopard.

    When I bought my last Mac laptop (an iBook G3), I bought it just before Panther came out (about 2 months before). Apple sent me Panther in the mail for free, without me even asking. Mind you, that was in Australia, and I don't know if the policy has changed.

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  • nwroberts
    Apr 17, 11:10 AM
    It's Western Digital. Enough said. Take it back and get Seagate of any kind.

    And then the IT guy inside of me wants to know if you tried restarting your computer yet?

    Apr 19, 07:55 PM
    Searching for a used MacBook with CS5 MS already installed (they are out there, but I semi question the legitimacy of some as they have no media included, just preinstalled), and I am starting to also question on whether finding one with CS5 is really important if my main purpose is to learn Xcode, write iPad apps, and teach my oldest girl how to do the same. For those of you with CS5, how useful is it for App creation? What other applications should I be looking at with those goals? I have found I can get a decent 2.4ghz dual core with 4GB ram plus HD for around $400 (without CS5). Thanks!

    Dec 1, 12:31 PM
    Well, I was thinking $80 for the unit itself. It comes with the original box and controller, power cord, connection cables. Shipping to Spain will be a bit higher than to the US, obviously.

    Now, For extra, I can include one more Microsoft controller and then one 3rd party wireless controller if you want. I also have Quatumn Redshift, Jedi Starfighter, Enter the Matrix and some other games. (I'm not at home right now and won't be for three more days, so I am unable to check for you)

    Oct 26, 07:22 AM
    My concern is if you have big fingers, or a poor grip strength, holding the thing will inadvertently set off the buttons if they are on the bezel
    <steve>Then get smaller fingers.</steve> :)

    Apr 13, 09:31 PM
    Drop resistance is important for me. A drop will happen eventually onto a hard surface, I want to make sure it does not affect my phone at all.

    It would need to be sleek though and not too thick.

    How is the otterbox commuter?

    This is IMO but I think the best combo of thinness and drop protection would be the Speck Pixelskin HD. I would've recommended an Incase Slider but the entire case is thin but it is hard plastic which would either break your iPhones glass or just completely knick up the case.

    Since the Pixelskin HD is TPU, it remains thin and it's a nice material for drops and it would absorb the shock MUCH better. And the drop won't show up on the case since it's so solid. So you won't have to ever replace it with a new one.

    If I had to throw ALL my cases away and only pick one--just for aesthetics, protection ane thinness--I'd keep the Pixelskin HD.

    Apr 19, 11:33 PM
    I like the way the TrimSleeve looks and I like how it has the "easy pull out tab" thing but I don't like how leaves some of the MBA exposed. Also I need a case right away because I take my MBA to class everyday so I went ahead and bought the Pixelsleeve from Amazon today. I had a $10 credit so I only paid $22 after 1 day shipping. It'll be here tomorrow, I'm looking forward to seeing how it is. I'll post pics and impressions when it comes tomorrow.

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