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celebrities withou makeup

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  • Winni
    Mar 14, 05:20 PM
    Wow, and nobody could have seen this one coming. Proof that the demand is low: I've never even seen one!

    Well just another failed product by microsoft.

    No, I'm pretty sure Apple canceled the Zune.

    This is all so funny. Almost as funny as Apple's total failure in the server market. Remember? They recently cancelled the Xserve product line and they even quietly retreated from developing a standalone server version of OS X. Did you guys laugh so much about that, too?

    So, now Zune software is gonna compete with Windows Phone 7?

    No. The Zune software is for Windows Phone 7 what iTunes is for iOS.

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  • AEMV
    Apr 12, 12:32 PM
    Um. Well, I bolded my favorite parts of what you said. Am I the only one who sees the irony in this post? Tired of a locked ecosystem, and claiming theres no freedom in the US... and then talking about travelling to China... really? You must want to kill yourself while you're in China.

    You really have never been there, even russia is more open than the US. The US is a corporate dictatorship my friend. Open your eyes.

    But yes the intenet sucks in china, completely blocked.... i go there for work, not pleasure.

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  • grue
    Dec 9, 04:40 PM
    Jesus effing Christ this scared the hell out of me (my logistics didnt stop to ask why this was a small link and not an AP headline or something lol) good job catching my eye but jeez. I'm too young to die of a heart attack.

    Your "logistics didn't stop to ask why this was a small link", and didn't stop to ask why you care about the CEO of a company that takes money from you and gives you piles of metal and plastic in return?

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  • chrono1081
    Mar 27, 11:08 PM
    I like it! It looks a bit creepy to me which is why I like it. Very interesting picture.

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  • wfarr08
    Apr 13, 02:57 PM
    hey m.r forums community

    I was wondering wether i had to wipe my mac pro's HD before upgrading or can i just do a direct upgrade. thanks for all your help...we've had some major problems with cross compatibilty.

    WFarr08 And the mac team at Kelvin High school in winnipeg manitoba

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  • Bloodstar
    Apr 30, 05:36 AM
    You can use your MacBook's HD, just not as an internal... only an external.

    If you have a proper enclosure (Remember, MacBook HDs are SATA, iBooks are IDE!) you can use it over USB or FireWire.

    As for RAM, though, you're out of luck. Gotta grab up a 1GB stick of DDR, which is unfortunately expensive. A 512 would also help, in a pinch.

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  • mojohanna
    Jan 28, 08:01 PM
    It trickle charges after it fully charges. You could leave it plugged in 24/7 and it would be fine.

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  • mrapplegate
    Apr 18, 07:31 AM
    I'm one of those that says if you want to spend $99 on it go for it. It can only hurt you if you don't know what you're doing ha ha :D
    At least learn how to file bug reports to help the rest of the Apple community.

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  • kfred
    Apr 19, 06:16 AM
    Thanks, much appreciated. But, dang it, I can't for the life of me figure out how to send a PM. The option just doesn't seem to exist (I know, I must seem like a total n00b).

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  • tekmoe
    Nov 23, 09:00 AM
    thread crapping will be reported to mods. kthx.

    price has been reduced to $1,050.00 with free shipping.

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  • Robb Lawson
    Mar 11, 12:32 PM
    Hi, folks. I obtained an eMac PowerPC 1.25GHz G4 PowerPC. I visited Crucial's site and added a 512mb stick. I've heard that it's possible to upgrade to 2GB of RAM. Crucial only says 1GB (x2 512 sticks).

    If it is possible, what kind of RAM would I need?

    Where can I get the 2GB sticks?

    Thank you from a humble brand-new Mac user. :)


    P.S. f it helps any, I'm running OS X 5.1 installed.

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  • pdot
    Oct 8, 08:46 PM
    How do I take a picture of my sexuality?

    ...maybe I shouldn't have asked that, on second thought.

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  • benhollberg
    Mar 14, 12:44 PM
    I called them twice today, they said they aren't getting any and already got their shipment for the day.

    So that means people are standing in line for nothing?

    I just went there and they told me the same thing. There was no line.

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    Aug 7, 06:19 PM
    just use Parallels or VMWare

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  • arn
    Jan 1, 07:29 PM
    Originally posted by Freg3000

    btw. every single time I want to upload a picture to MacRumors within a reply, it is always over the limit, and I can never get it down. Tried exporting it in Preview in low quality, tried to do the same in photoshop. Nothing. how does everyone else do it?


    Export -> Options -> Target Size (100,000)


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  • rdas7
    Oct 27, 04:41 AM
    ...steal MS's thunder?

    /me sits watching sky.

    /me puts on sunglasses, as Apple shaped star shines too bright.

    /me waits for rain.

    /me ponders... "MS's thunder?"

    Outlook bright and sunny. No chance of thunder.

    /me plays "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" on iPod.

    /me wonders if neilson31 lives in 1986.

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  • kenypowa
    Apr 20, 04:43 PM
    Google ships not a single phone. It provides a free OS (from which it makes little money) to handset makers that sell phones. None of those handset makers sell a phone as popular as the iPhone, and all of them combined do not make as much money doing so. If one is comparing iOS (all devices) to Android (all devices), recent data suggests iOS is the more widely used.


    This is just out today. HTC Thunderbolt outsold iPhone at Verizon. There's goes your cute little theory.

    Make no mistake, this is an amazing quarter for Apple, but it's not the only one doing well in the smartphone boon.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 9, 01:14 PM
    And if that mobjority decides that they want to take all the wealth of a certain group of people, that's their right to do? Since they have a majority? It's pretty easy to get support from a majority of people to take other people's money and distribute it to them. It's just not moral. Your position is that individuals have zero moral, legal, or otherwise claim to the wealth that they themselves work for/earn?

    I don't think we're ever going to have a shortage of wealthy and powerful people; even authoritarian government have their share of plutocrats. I also question the notion that the acquisition of wealth is always assumed to have been legitimately "worked for" or "earned". ENRON, Madoff, the banks during the credit crunch...

    At any rate, you're putting words in my mouth. We all collectively decide how to govern ourselves, and it's not always the case that a simple majority is enough to implement changes to the status quo. Also, it has been demonstrated time and time again that a small number of wealthy and powerful people can get their way in the face of overwhelming opposition from less wealthy and powerful people. It cuts both ways. You seem to be trying to characterize any increase in taxes on the rich as a form of theft perpetrated by the rest of the nation; that's a very twisted take on the concept of taxation.

    In the end, your attempt to create sympathy for the wealthy rings hollow.

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  • thejakill
    Jan 10, 03:31 AM
    the keynote should be made available on itunes as a free video podcast.

    but it's not.

    Dr. Dastardly
    Sep 27, 11:36 PM

    She would be so retro and its an Apple!

    Oct 25, 10:11 AM
    Damn. Exactly what I was going to say... down to the letter. So I shall repeat with different words to those listening:

    Apple makes pennies on the iTMusicS (the story might be different for shows and games). Some people want to own an iPod, but don't want to pay iTS store prices or use their $0.99/song, end of story, model. Solution: buy mp3, d/l mp3 illegally, buy FairPlay elsewhere. With exception of Real Harmony, the last option has not existed.

    Where Apple makes the money is iPod sales. HUGE money. However, Apple can't promote the three aforementioned options outright, not when it has the largest FairPlay (and altogether) legal music d/l store on the 'net. So the only thing they can do is not dissuade people from using the other options... forcefully, at least. All I remember Apple saying about Real Harmony was "they're hackers with questionable methods," or something like that.

    As Mr. Green said, the only risk I would see is if others tried to make a FairPlay compatible "mp3" player. I wouldn't see it going places unless sync'd with iTunes or a different phenominal jukebox. Thus, Apple likely writes that possibility off as someone else "pulling a Zune."

    hehe. We don't even know how the zune will do in reality but we love to pick on it here. I must be on a Mac Forum. :p


    Wow! "Does not make more than a few pennies." I do not think either of you appreciate the power of small numbers, when multiplied by millions of transactions and time. Soap companies have understood this for several hundred years, clearly Apple understands it as well. The individual unit profit on iPods is clearly higher, but each iPod sold acts as a multiplier of where the real money is made. What a dream to earn just one half of one cent of every iTunes purchase. If globally they sell a million songs a day, I'd receive $5k a day or $1,825,000 a year.

    Apr 20, 10:18 AM
    I need more wired ethernet ports for my Airport Extreme, is there any kind of add on or device that I can use to add more wired ports?

    Apr 29, 10:27 AM
    figure out how to change the apps that were labeled wrong... I was doing something pretty dumb.

    Still would like to know how to assign image to an app that wasn't part of the original theme. Thanks.

    Aug 28, 10:44 PM
    lol, like others have said, the setup thread is almost always near the top of the page. Right now it is 60 pages long. Also, it has been going on for years and years, new versions just get put up when one gets too old...


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