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2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii

2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 Ford Fairlane G220 Mark
  • 2005 Ford Fairlane G220 Mark

  • rien333
    Mar 4, 08:57 AM
    are your finder window's translucent? How did you do that?
    It actually is a terminal window. (The application in Applications/Utlities)
    I only wish I could make my finder windows transparent...

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. Ford FAIRLANE G220 BA MKII

  • Small White Car
    Apr 11, 03:18 PM
    There are already some apps that do this subtly using other techniques.

    'Labyrinth LE' is one that I know of right now, but it's just a way to make it look cooler. The gameplay doesn't depend on it. I look forward to seeing others push the limits like this. That one works when you move the iPad...this head-tracking one has the advantage of being able to leave the iPad on a table while you only move your head.

    This could lead to some amazing games, like maybe one where you control something on the iPad with your iPhone as the controller and the screen on the iPad 'moves' based on how you move your head. You could literally look 'around' objects in the game while it sits propped up on a table in front of you.

    Looks awesome!

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. Ford Fairlane G220 BA Mk II
  • Ford Fairlane G220 BA Mk II

  • hugerobots
    Apr 13, 05:22 PM
    I hate to say it, but this looks like a nightmare for any high volume production house, ie. news studios. Changing the entire workflow for these kinds of teams and departments across the board is a NIGHTMARE.

    You're asking the studios that have been transported into Final Cut work flows (bbc/ctv for example), to learn an entirely new interface. The adoption rate for this enormous switch to basically what looks like iMovie 2011 is going to be pitiful within the first few years.

    There will need to be some serious mountain moving for this to be usable for editors that rely on being able to and NEEDING to see multiple video tracks 100% of the time.

    They need to show a demo for serious power users that don't care about millions of thumbnails, scrubbing through clips with a mouse (where the hell is the preview window for gods sake), facial recognition and fun quirks like automatically figuring out the depth of field for a shot.

    Lets see what it looks like as a multiple monitor system. How does it integrate with Final Cut Studio? How do multiple projects simultaneously look and work together? These are questions that editors that don't rely on putting projects together on a MacBook are waiting for.

    Also, automagic color correction with a touch of a button? Color correction for HD-SMPTE better have had something to do with this.

    Audio with multiple sample rates not needing rendering? This I have to see.
    Zero render times with multiple codecs? Unicorns. Also Avid's had this beast tackled for years. (no, I'm not an avid fan boy)
    This list goes on.

    Give us an update for 64bit multicore power and the instant render and we'll be happy. Just don't charge us a slap in the face to bring the software to modern day standards.

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 Ford BA Fairlane G220
  • 2005 Ford BA Fairlane G220

  • eawmp1
    Apr 29, 11:32 AM
    Spot-on commentary.

    PR nightmare for a company that likes to cultivate its image.

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. Ford - Array - 2005
  • Ford - Array - 2005

  • DXoverDY
    Nov 13, 08:00 PM
    Hydra;3051385']It appears it may just have fixed it. I just booted into XP and for the first time I got to see the ugly Windows progress bar, I usually got a black screen until the desktop popped up. I had to install XP with an old CRT I had lying around fyi.

    -Jerry C.

    Sweet... i'm going to give it a try here... one last time. I've had enough of these bootcamp issues. I can't even get windows installed on my Mac Pro.. fed up.

    *crosses fingers* here we go.

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. Ford Fairlane G220 - BA Mark
  • Ford Fairlane G220 - BA Mark

  • NT1440
    Apr 10, 10:12 PM
    An autobiography?

    I'd much rather read a Jobs biography and Apple history told by his employees.

    I think there's a ton of hidden history and unsung heroes who will remain anonymous as long as Jobs is alive.
    It's not an autobiography.

    If you want insider info thats highly interesting, check out folklore.org. It's only the first few years of apple, but the stories are fascinating.

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii; 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. This is a current MkII LTD with a set; 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii
  • 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii; 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. This is a current MkII LTD with a set; 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii

  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 25, 12:59 PM
    Does that include unlimited Windows server? I assume you are using Linux though.

    Yeah, I would use Linux... Not a big fan of Windows Server. I run XP Pro on most of our workstations, but that's about it.

    Here's what I can do:

    1U Tyan chassis w/MB (3yr manufacturer warranty)
    2 x 3.0GHz Woodcrest w/1U active coolers
    8 GB (4x2GB FB-DIMM - Kingston)
    2 x 750GB Hitachi 7200rpm HDDs
    Internal DVD-DL writer 16X (not slot-load, aw shucks).
    PCI-E fiber-channel controller
    Video is integrated into mainboard, dual redundant PSUs...

    I come up with about $5200... So if you avoid Apple's support contracts, Xserve isn't quite as far out of line as I was thinking. Especially since they're double-charging for the RAM, so I can knock $1100 off the Apple price and another $200 off buying HDDs elsewhere....


    I don't need a support contract, just the warranties and in this case manufacturer warranties are good enough as I and a few of my other helpers around here are more than capable of building, supporting and maintaining these ourselves.

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 Ford BA Fairlane G220
  • 2005 Ford BA Fairlane G220

  • prady16
    Oct 18, 03:22 PM
    Probably true just to have something to compete with Zune. But i would believe it when i see it.

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. Ford → Ford BA Fairlane G220
  • Ford → Ford BA Fairlane G220

  • ro2nie
    Apr 12, 08:55 AM
    iPad 4 is coming out in October

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. Ford Fairlane G220, mkII
  • Ford Fairlane G220, mkII

  • Frankydan100
    Mar 7, 12:32 PM
    If u want to pm me your email I can send it to you as an attachment mate.

    Ive just uploaded the original to flickr where you can download it from if that helps.

    Heres the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60343076@N04/5506380931/sizes/l/

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 Ford BA Fairlane G220
  • 2005 Ford BA Fairlane G220

  • ciTiger
    Apr 29, 11:13 AM
    So are these guys getting a fair trial? Are they exempt from cruel and unusual punishment? Oh, that's right, that little lack of human rights thing...

    I really think Apple should step up and make sure these guys aren't treated unfairly or overly harshly, even *if* they leaked the design. Frankly, that would be the *only* course of action for a civilized company like Apple to do.

    I don't think that will happen in the near future... It's a foreign country and Apple really dislikes that their products get leaked... They still haven't forgiven gizmodo for the iP4 leak...

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 Ford BA Fairlane G220
  • 2005 Ford BA Fairlane G220

  • ViViDboarder
    Sep 30, 01:03 PM
    A couple questions to those of you with the app...

    Did you have to install anything on your computer to run the program? Or is it all handled from EyeTV?

    Also, when you watch Live TV does it just connect to the stream using the regular video player?

    What ports do you have to open to get the Live Viewing to work?

    I ask these because I don't care about watching so much on my phone but would rather watch on a computer. I think EyeTV may just be opening a stream on some port that could possibly be grabbed if I point VLC to the same ports.

    So anyone have them for me or want to try it? :D

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 ford ba fairlane c
  • 2005 ford ba fairlane c

  • Sydde
    May 5, 01:00 PM
    Ah...the metric system. Such a nightmare. :D

    I think eventually more and more "American stuff" will use the metric system. At this point on most "large objects" it doesn't really make that much difference. And the "pros" trained in this stuff can use both. In the small scales even Americans use the metric system. Especially when more nanotech products start hitting the markets, ppl will get use to the metric system. I mean, look at the iPod nano! :p

    Decades back, they sold weed by the ounce, now they sell it by the gram.

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. BA MkII Fairlane + G220
  • BA MkII Fairlane + G220

  • nagromme
    Apr 4, 11:19 AM
    As a developer, I don’t care if it has a cellular radio or not... so iPad and iPod need to be counted too, unless you’re studying carriers alone.

    PS, I’d rather have Apple “win” by having the best product and stable profits to fuel innovation, than “win” like Google by making an OS that is “basically OK” and giving it away for free in larger numbers.

    If Apple were to decide to be like Google or Microsoft, it might be catastrophic or it might be profitable, but it will NOT give us better products. And if Apple products get worse, the copycat products will be too. Everybody loses!

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. I have seen a G220 with an xr8
  • I have seen a G220 with an xr8

  • SuperCachetes
    May 1, 02:42 PM
    You know nothing of this country and yet you keep posting your ridiculous views on what happens here.

    It may indeed be a rare occurrence for him, but there is a fair bit of truth in his observation that you quoted.

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 Ford Fairlane Ghia Mark
  • 2005 Ford Fairlane Ghia Mark

  • MacRumors
    Dec 7, 09:31 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2009/12/07/atandt-releases-mark-the-spot-application-to-track-network-issues/)


    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii; 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. a G220 would be sweet with; 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii
  • 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii; 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. a G220 would be sweet with; 2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii

  • jsw
    Oct 13, 12:30 PM
    Hey how much will OS X Leopard cost?

    I just bought my iMac C2D "17 two weeks ago, and I just didn't want to wait until Spring '07 to buy it with Leopard installed on it.

    Does Apple offer an upgrade and full versions of the OS X.5?

    It would be nice if they offered some type of discount for people who bought their Macs after a certain time frame (Like October '06).
    Likely exactly what they're charging for Tiger now (US$129), and, no, there is no upgrade program - unless you buy a Mac without it once its released (old stock) and in some rare cases (the PowerMac G5s shipped with Jaguar but were allowed to upgrade to Panther for either free or a nominal charge).

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. 2005 ford ba fairlane h
  • 2005 ford ba fairlane h

  • AppleTech22
    Jan 1, 02:14 PM
    Interfacelift.com, SAN FRAN

    http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc456/AppleTech22/th_Screenshot2011-01-01at15818PM.png (http://s1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc456/AppleTech22/?action=view&current=Screenshot2011-01-01at15818PM.png)

    2005 Ford Ba Fairlane G220 Mkii. BA G220 Sedan 4 door Spts Auto
  • BA G220 Sedan 4 door Spts Auto

  • Blaine
    Mar 12, 03:32 PM

    ooh, linky?

    Rend It
    Nov 2, 11:58 PM
    ...Everyone has a TV. Everyone NEEDS a TV. Everyone LOVES their TV. Not everyone needs a cellphone. Not everyone LOVES a cellphone.

    Cellphones have become a burden on society. Why do we need to be intouch every second of the day? We don't. Cellphones are the only form of technology out there that actually causes grief for other individuals. Think about it, how many times has the movie you are watching, the dinner you are trying to enjoy or the church mass you are trying to worship at been interrupted by the "lovely" little blaring chime of a cellphone? Or even better yet, that person picking up the call and talking on it as if the person on the other end of the line is more deaf than Helen Keller. How many times has someone cut you off in traffic or almost hit you, only to get a look at them to see that they are gabbing away on their phone, oblivious of the fact they almost killed you?

    Gee, maybe I'm weird, because I actually DON'T own a TV, but I DO own a cell phone. I think the cell phone serves a much greater purpose to any society than a television. Let's see..call people I love and care about, or waste my brain watching the garbage on cable. Hmm.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Oct 16, 06:31 PM
    I thought it looked a lot more OS X 10.4/5...the current one looks like 10.2...;)

    as long as it still works and doesnt slow the system to much, it can look 10.1 for all i care :p

    Apr 11, 11:50 AM
    Depends on the clear coat really. Look at how "scratch" resistant a car is going 100 km/h on the highway, exposed to all sorts of elements and debris and then tell me the expose aluminum on a Macbook would fare as well.

    Clear coat is surprisingly resistant.

    hmmm never thought of it that way...I still disagree because while my car doesn't get scratches that often from driving, driving and small impacts from stones is very different than getting rubbed on a desk in a bag with keys, etc etc. I would not put a small, painted car part in my bag or on my desk without some sort of protection. Would you? Do you know a lot about clear coats? I'd like to hear more (being serious)

    Oct 15, 01:47 AM
    Im glad to see that some uni's are seeing more mac users, over here most people still cant afford a laptop, so they are forced to use the open computer labs.. that feature.. you guessed it.. Dells. I was the only one in the entire computer science department that had a mac.. :eek: But im hoping the trend to move away from a singular platform eventuall changes that.

    Apr 12, 06:30 PM
    Pander (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/pandering) - To cater to the lower tastes and desires of others, or exploit their weaknesses.

    Well done. You just defined religion. :D

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