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Toyota 4runner 2010

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  • bdj21ya
    Oct 18, 02:35 PM
    Or...would the new Zune release coverage put the new iPod release in the back of the newspaper? Not sure which way it would go...

    I'm quite sure of which way it would go. Are you a betting man?

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  • gonyr
    Apr 15, 04:59 PM
    its like our high school students have no rights. they can make up any rule and we must obey. :mad:

    Exactly. Its called being a kid. Luckily, you'll age out of it. Until then, suck it up and get used to it.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 18, 08:07 PM
    Anti-Semitism is generally quite swiftly and harshly dealt with in this country (and rightly so). It's a shame such an attitude towards prejudice is not more evenly applied when it comes to other groups.

    I think Israel deserves quite a lot of criticism, as does the pro-Israeli lobby. Criticism of these two entities is not tantamount to anti-Semitism. Also, much what Thomas says echoes sentiments being expressed accross the Middle East on a daily basis. She is Lebanese, and Israel's track record with Lebanon is pretty shameful. Right or wrong, this stuff is not necessarily coming out of the blue. With that being said, some of Thomas' statements and language came across as very reckless at best.

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  • bobber205
    Mar 16, 04:04 PM
    Simple. They don't have Republicans. They actually give a **** about each other and come together to help each other. In the US- it's every man for himself. Just ask a Libertarian.

    You know what companies do when they're having trouble in Japan? They all take a pay cut- even the CEOs. They work TOGETHER as a team. Amazing what that can do for a society.

    The "far right" wing exists in Japan. They're most relegated to being just in the corner but have occasionally won some elections lately. :(

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  • MarximusMG
    Apr 11, 10:19 PM
    Glad to hear some sensible stories regarding this. Didn't ever believe that Apple would release a new revision so soon after iPad 2.

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 24, 11:09 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/24/ipad-2-shipping-estimates-for-u-s-online-orders-improve-to-3-4-weeks/)


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  • ghostface147
    Apr 6, 11:20 AM
    My only complaint is the slowness of Outlook syncing with Exchange 2010. There's at least 20 seconds delay when getting email on my iOS device before Outlook 2011 opens it. Outlook 2010 is instant.

    I am not a heavy user of Office products.

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  • eternlgladiator
    Mar 7, 12:44 PM
    If u want to pm me your email I can send it to you as an attachment mate.

    Will you email me a 1920x1200 version? My mrumors name @gmail.com

    Thanks much. Very cool wallpaper.

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  • syklee26
    Nov 13, 01:13 PM
    I love mac, I hate PC but I actually like PC guy more.

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  • Frankydan100
    Mar 7, 03:28 PM
    Do you have one that is at least 1440x900?

    If you want to PM me your email I can send you the original file if you like.

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  • nagromme
    Apr 4, 11:19 AM
    As a developer, I don’t care if it has a cellular radio or not... so iPad and iPod need to be counted too, unless you’re studying carriers alone.

    PS, I’d rather have Apple “win” by having the best product and stable profits to fuel innovation, than “win” like Google by making an OS that is “basically OK” and giving it away for free in larger numbers.

    If Apple were to decide to be like Google or Microsoft, it might be catastrophic or it might be profitable, but it will NOT give us better products. And if Apple products get worse, the copycat products will be too. Everybody loses!

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  • Eckels
    Jan 10, 12:25 AM
    I'm still rather new to to Macs, but is there precedent for releasing software like iLife later on in the MacWorld show? it's a few days isn't it? is it possible that it might be released later in the week?

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 14, 03:39 PM
    the most hilarious thing though is that the new slim 360 comes with a "Kinect - port" ... wh-h-what ? so the installed userbase of 30-40 millions is essentially worthless ?... seriously that's such a obvious ridiculous error ... yo ucan't make this **** up
    It is a power port. The new 360 has that port so you can just plug the Kinect camera into it alone. If you have an older 360, it will connect by USB, while needing a power connection to the wall. Kinect is compatible with every 360, new or old.

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  • takao
    Mar 28, 10:49 AM
    I agree with people on the price. The perfect scenario would be for MS to drop the Core 360 price to 180 (same as Wii here, potentially forcing Nintendo to lower Wii price), drop the Premium to 250 and stick in the Elite at 300. God knows we're ready for a 360 price drop.

    most retailers here (at least the big ones) already dropped the premium to 299 on their own and the core is non-existant

    also some super duper set or so for the 360 was released with 2. controller, play and charge kit (i don't know might be even 2) again with remote, head set and something else for 349

    ontopic: i think 479 might be too steep especially with the current (only local ?) price drop, 179 bucks for hdmi and 120 GB harddisk and black...

    i always thought the microsoft multi unit approach was faulty fro mthe beginning.. instead of focusing on 1 thing to sell the seperate their markeing force with it... it also makes retailers less happy

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  • itcheroni
    Mar 23, 02:12 AM
    This has been a pretty big question as of late...

    Why has there been no looting in Japan (ala New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina)

    why is there no looting in japan (http://caffertyfile.blogs.cnn.com/2011/03/15/why-is-there-no-looting-in-japan/)

    I think this may go a long way in explaining it.


    I would suggest we clear our minds of our political paradigm and try to understand that Japan is quite a different culture. For example, they may be incredibly diligent about recycling, but they also frequently burn their trash. The reason is they are a large population on an island. They are very green but it is out of necessity. I used to live in Japan and I would guess that it would be difficult to loot and then return to society after the crisis without severely diminished standing in the community. You would be with all your surviving friends and neighbors and if you suggested stealing from all the remaining houses, no one would look at you the same way. It is the basic concept of whether you would do something if you could get away with it. In a sense, a Japanese person cannot "get away with it" the way an American can. Their work, social, and family lives consist of the same 50 or so people.

    I remember having an enkai, "party," with my coworkers in Japan. It was one of my first nights there. Many of us were smoking. I tossed my butt onto the ground and looked around to see a few of them with their jaws dropped in shock. My Japanese friend casually picked up my butt and put it into his little portable ash tray. No one said anything because they were naturally thinking, "well that's just what foreigners do." I definitely made sure never to litter my cigarette butts ever again. I've lived in France as well, an equally smoking culture, with less inequality and better social services than the U.S. but they'll happily litter with ashtrays nearby and I'm sure they would loot as any American or Brit would. The Japanese culture seriously is a special case. You can't draw any conclusions based on what the Japanese do for what the U.S. should do. There are things that work in Japan that would never work in the U.S. and this no looting is simply a mark of their culture.

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  • rdowns
    Apr 26, 12:17 PM
    The over/under on MR white iPhone stories this week is now 8.

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  • Cougarcat
    Sep 12, 12:34 PM
    Oh dear, I feel sorry for Cover Flow. Apple even ripped the name.

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  • sisyphus
    Jul 12, 03:58 PM
    Oh that is soooo going to P.O. my girlfriend. She's an elementary teacher and I just finished convincing her to buy one of those when they became available in Canada. :eek:

    It makes me want to cry everytime I go over there and have to use her old e-machines... :mad: :o :(

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  • MoparShaha
    Sep 12, 11:23 AM
    First time I've ever seen it.
    Yeah, that's really suspicious. The page is not hosted on Apple's domain.

    Oct 16, 05:16 PM
    more information Systemwide,
    when copying files I would like to have a little triangle to click on and drop down more information (like the file it is currently copying, etc.)

    also when printing I'd like more details like if it's spooling, how much of the print job has been sent to the printer (mb/mb or % either way)

    better FTP support in the Finder.

    Coverflow with Column view in the bottom,

    resolution independence,

    Advanced Time Machine options (folder inclusions, exclusions etc.)

    better graphic performance,

    User selectable Safe Sleep/hibernate option.

    a few UI customizable options (example: aqua scroll bars vs. iTunes style scroll bars, tabs in finder, Horizonal/Vertical traffic lights, etc.)

    BluRay support

    edit: oh and an option for an address bar in the Finder would be nice, I'm no Windows fan, but a simple address bar like XP had really is nice at times.
    and some sort of GUI Task scheduler would be nice too

    Aug 18, 06:25 PM
    I really hope this is a rental system, but not like Netflix. If they could give me one-day file "rentals" for $1 or $2, this would go from something I'd never even consider using to something I'd use for 95% of my movies...in fact, my movie viewing would probably skyrocket.

    I very rarely watch a movie more than once. And at that price, if a movie is so good as to warrant a second viewing (but not good enough to buy the DVD), I wouldn't really mind paying again.

    Nov 20, 12:27 AM
    -Better optimization for graphics and multi-core processors/threading
    -Mail Client upgrade
    -more minimalistic designs
    -Better Dashboard (more useful/better optimization)
    -Memory management can be optimized a bit too

    (Basically I care little about aesthetics and more about optimization of the OS and better use of hardware to make things more speedy and run quicker, smoother and using the hardware advantages that are available.

    Aug 17, 08:37 PM
    I hope Apple isn't going to sell these movies at the same quality as their current video downloads.

    As of now, the only thing they are good for are iPods; on a computer screen it looks terrible.Here here. They are even encoding HD 16x9 TV Shows in 4x3 - unbelieveable. For last year being the year of HD, the iTunes Store Video Encode Department apparently didn't get the memo. :( :confused:I, for one, dont think I'll ever download a movie off iTMS. I was downloading the 1hr + pilot for Psych the other day and that took forever... I'm only excited about the new 'Pods that are bound to be part of such an announcementMe too. Yeah that Psych Pilot was originally tranmitted in HD 16 x 9. So I was shocked to find when I opened it that it is in 4x3. An excellent looking encode. But the completely and lamely wrong aspect ratio. Really shocked me to find nobody caught that on the way in. Looks like the encoders never watch TV.

    Oct 25, 06:53 PM
    With such a great delay the XServes are coming at the same time Intel will release the first Quad-Core Clovertown CPUs.
    Is Apple delaying so much in order to ship the XServe with Clovertown instead of Woodcrest?

    I doubt that is the case since they announced the delay and then started taking preorders. I guess it's possible but why bother taking preorders. If they were waiting they would probably say something to get more orders.

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