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summer makeup ideas

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  • L0CKnL0aD7
    Jan 25, 02:47 PM
    For a US IP address you can use HotSpotShield.
    It's free and you can either install the application ore
    follow the instructions for the iphone an use them in your vpn settings.


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  • demallien
    Aug 10, 06:31 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Microsoft has claimed that to port VirtualPC to Intel would be much like making VirtualPC 1.0 all over again.

    That sounds like a load of rubbish to me. They have VirtualPC for PC, so the actual "virtualisation" part could be taken from there. They also know how to use the various hooks in MacOSX, because that's what VPC7 for mac uses.

    Which is not to say that it would be an easy task, but let's say that 50% of the work was already done. This seems like a reasonable estimate to me, and would be backed up by the time it has taken VMWare to create their Intel Mac version of their PC software....

    I'm not normally one for conspiracy theory, but with Microsoft dropping WMP, IE, VirtualPC, and reducing 100% support for Office on the Mac, all in the last 12 months, I would suggest that Redmond is starting to get a little worried about Apple for the first time since the 1980s

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  • EricNau
    Oct 11, 09:24 PM
    C'mon, Eric - you're supposed to leave wisecracks like that to us trolls! :D
    Sorry, after I thought that one up I just couldn't resist. :D

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  • apattee
    Jun 28, 08:56 PM
    Griffin Elevator $20 shipped to 85737?


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  • Blipp
    Mar 23, 05:54 PM
    Sounds to me like the hard drive is dead. Try booting from the instal disc and use Disk Utility to check the status of the internal hard drive. Also what discs exactly are you using to try and reinstall? Are you using the discs that came with that G5 (probably 10.3 or 10.4), discs that shipped with a new Mac or a bought copy of OS X 10.x?

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  • jer446
    Apr 12, 12:33 AM

    I am looking for the best solution to my home theater. Currently I have a 100 projector hooked up to a ps3, xbox 360, and a net book. I also have an ipad and iPhone. I am looking for the best way to get videos I download on my macbook pro onto my big screen.

    Right now i download the files (to my MacBook pro, usually divx or mkv) then transfer with a USB drive, andopen it on my net book. I feel this is a cumbersome process. IS an apple tv what I need or can I make it work with the equipment I have.

    I also would love a way to stream my music to that sound system. I am sure the net book could do all of this, but its performance is pretty awful.

    Will the apple tv fair better? I am assuming I would need to jailbreak it to do what i need, right?

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  • bella92108
    Mar 31, 02:07 PM
    wow, that explains your attitude then. Apple has never been interested in catering to technology fetishists like you, and never will be. why don't you go post constructive comments on Android forums instead of negative ones on Apple forums?

    I'm fairly confident that anyone who owns an Apple product would disagree with you. Most would say they WANT the latest and greatest technology, but Apple doesn't make it available.

    Don't be bitter.

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  • anastasis
    Mar 1, 12:52 PM
    How does this work? Snappy?

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  • arn
    Jan 1, 12:35 AM
    Originally posted by IJ Reilly
    The new front page looks awful, when I set the fonts to +1 in Safari. Unreadable, actually. I'd post a snapshot if I could in this forum.

    You mean when you hit View -> Make Text Bigger?

    It works for me. Let me know if this is not what you are talking about.


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  • Tomorrow
    May 4, 07:30 PM
    With my car system, volume 18 with my iPhone maxed is equivelent to around 30 with my Nano - at this volume I have the sound of gentle hissing when paused. Not cool.

    What kind of system are you connected to that the iPod volume even makes a difference? :confused: Mine connects to the truck's USB port and it's treated like a "line in" - the volume can only be adjusted with the stereo deck in the dash.

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  • BaBayOOsa
    Apr 26, 06:05 PM
    ok so I just click mac osx extended journaled and hit erase? (sorry for keeping this thread going I just want to make sure I know what I'm doing.)

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  • Mr. Gates
    Oct 8, 09:49 AM
    I thought this feature was always available. Guess I don't have too much use for it until I think about it. Strange that it just appeared without an update.

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Jan 12, 07:27 AM
    ...or, as I did, just enable time zone support in iCal and make an event on the 15th from 0900-1030 PST with alarm set to go off 15 minutes before (or whatever warning time you need). ;)

    Nice overview, though. :)

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  • Transporteur
    Apr 13, 03:30 PM
    its a high school based server...the classes would lose all their work

    Is that important data now or not?

    If it is, backup the server before updating to 10.6! And even after the update, keep backing up the machine if you want the classes to keep their work if your hard drive or machine dies.

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  • Intell
    Feb 17, 08:45 PM
    It works without the Internet. When connected to the non-Internet network, do you see the little WiFi bars in the status menu and/or does the iPod get a proper IP address?

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  • kalsta
    May 4, 07:15 AM
    As you probably know, neither 13" model has a dedicated GPU, so serious gamers tell us they're not terribly well suited to gaming. Aside from that, I should think either would be a fantastic computer for school. If you had the money and didn't mind the larger screen, you could certainly look at the 15" models, but otherwise I'd probably save my money and go for the cheapest 13".

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  • RBMaraman
    Sep 29, 11:33 AM
    I thought "Commander And Chief" was terrible. Geena Davis has to be the worst actress on the face of the earth. The pace of the show was way too slow, the supporting cast was decent (they could have been much better), the story was OK. I thought the only good thing about the show was Donald Sutherland.

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  • Jonasgold
    Apr 12, 12:15 PM
    This 'll probably vary by the local culture by country, but I live in a country where sim locking has been illegal until recently,(so we're not used to cheap smartphones with expensize contracts) while in the US traditionally most phones were/are simlocking offered "subsidized" by a carrier.
    If you' re used to a cheap subsidized phone(with expensize carrier contract), you're less likely to pay � 700 for an iPhone 32GB(though since I choose my own carrier it's cheaper in the long run.
    I do think Apple should ofer sim-lock free iPhones worldwide, but if you can get cheap subsidized Blackberries,Androids,Nokias,... it's not the smartest move commercially.

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  • ricky1989
    Feb 24, 08:28 AM
    Scr U funky. 13MBP has been their best selling mbp. Why should they kill that? Because you don't like it? Then suck it up.

    Yea. those avg. Joe who are buying Apple's "Design", I think they wouldnt care much.
    But for those who really loves apple's product, this is definitely a deal&heartbreaker
    Just my 2cent

    Apr 2, 07:39 PM
    I tried running iBooty, it does it's thing, but it keeps looping and you can hear the Windows sound effect when you plug something in and unplug it, and it just keeps doing that over and over.

    Apr 14, 02:05 PM
    I wish...........

    Sep 13, 04:37 AM
    News-flash: iMac is NOT a replacement or an alternative to the iTV. If you think that it is, you are just fooling yourself.

    thanks for news :rolleyes:

    i'm just fascinated by this fantastic all-in-one hdtv solution the 24" iMac offers... and i'm happy to save 300 bucks instead of having just another box getting dusty... :)

    Sep 12, 07:42 PM
    Holding myself back form a shuffle for running, but I will definitely be buying a set top box when they come out. They must have been delaye din getting those together, or they wouldn't have given a sneak peak.

    Not like they could really release movies without any hope to the consumer of playing them on a TV.

    Apr 30, 10:57 PM
    lets now all place bets on who will win the challenge between p0sixninja and geohot and who will get it first?

    My money is on geohot by far no disrespect to p0sixninja but geohot is not human.

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