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Pontiac G6 2009 Convertible

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  • arn
    Apr 4, 10:00 PM
    As much as I want to believe, loop insight has a much better record for these things.

    this doesn't contradict loop insight at all.

    they said no iPhone 5 at WWDC. This is saying iPhone 5 is coming shortly after WWDC.


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  • bootedbear
    Mar 29, 10:06 AM
    If the alignment with Microsoft didn't make it clear, nothing signals a death spiral like this kind of desperation.

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  • impulse462
    Apr 16, 09:04 AM
    I agree with all the "you're a minor and you're in school to learn" etc. but if you take that attitude there are no "rebels" so to say.

    The IT person has no right to take the computer away. I went to a high school that offered laptops at a discount price. If you did buy it through the school, in the contract you signed, there is a clause that says that the administration can take those computers away at any time of they "think" you're doing something illegal on it, which IMO is ********.

    As for bringing you're own computer, no one at the school has any right to take the computer away. Sure he's a minor, learning at school, but everyone has rights. If it was his own computer, no one at the school has any right to take it away I think.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 12, 07:25 AM
    He could have argued it was for health reasons (one of the exceptions). Ski masks are allowed (sporting activities are exceptions also).

    Please, they are on the ski slopes.

    You walk into a bank, wearing a balaclava, you should be shot, for being stupid.

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  • agentkurt
    Mar 24, 08:41 PM
    I placed an order for a iPad 2 yesterday with the 4-5 week wait. The order specified a ship date of April 27. I just checked my order status and the ship date has now changed to April 21, so six days earlier anyway. We'll see if it changes from there.

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Sep 12, 01:37 PM
    HA! I told you so...

    My comment yesterday:

    So no one thinks there will be updates to the iPod Shuffle, then? :p

    You all laughed. What now!? :p :p

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 29, 10:26 AM
    I'm all for companies protecting their IP.

    However, it seems like Nokia is grasping at straws here since they've been turn down a couple times already.

    Also... I really believe that there should be a time limit on when you can sue a company over an infringement when there is a shipping product involved. Waiting until it's wildly successful and then suing is silly. If they cared so much about their IP, they should have sued 4 years ago when the iPhone came out.

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  • lilo777
    May 4, 04:12 PM
    Because so much of the cost of a computer is the cost of the CPU? Of course not. Everyone can see there's more to an iMac than just the CPU.

    Scrolling through some of your previous posts, I have to wonder why you bother with this site, you're never going to see something you like.

    Well, it's not jut CPU. Apple will not tell you SKU for any of the components. All iMac components are regular PC components so if a buyer knew the part list s/he would make an educated decision and iMac would lose every time.

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  • Unspoken Demise
    Dec 7, 09:35 AM
    This is an excellent step forward. Good work AT&T. Lets see some results from these submissions!

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  • codymac
    Apr 26, 12:52 PM
    Wow... someone in Belgium drives a Corvette.

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  • Dagless
    Jun 22, 07:54 AM
    So that's probably around �120-130.
    If it is, ouch. The specs are quite unimpressive too; the camera only runs at 640x480 30fps.

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  • NathanMuir
    Apr 6, 07:45 PM
    Against the will of who? Read a history book...

    Was this by chance said into a mirror?

    The partitioning didn't go well though, the Palestinians weren't fond of the idea. Which created the mess there is today.

    Wikipedia is not a history book.

    Otherwise one would know that is the simplified, glossed over, selective revision of the actual events.

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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 4, 10:12 PM
    March already??

    Simple. . . .


    Link please:)

    NVM. Found it!

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  • fiercetiger224
    Mar 28, 09:32 AM
    I am very unimpressed. No Wifi, no 65nm process, no internal power supply, it will still be loud as heck. And if I want it, I am forced to get black, i don't want black.

    Someone said why does it matter if their are 3 SKUS. Try this. Look at the Mac Mini, 2 models. One with a superdrive, one without. But what if you want the cheaper one with a superdrive. Whoops guess you are out of luck.

    It forces you to buy the higher model. Only the Elite has the HDMI and the 120GB. Of course you could add the 120GB for the rip me off price of $180.

    Let's compare that to the Mac Pro. One SKU customizable. No one is left out, you can choose what you want and you are limited to getting only certain things on another SKU. Most, including myself, prefer that model. What if Apple put Santa Rosa in the top end MB and left it out of the bottom? Not much of a choice, huh?

    People like to think giving you a new SKU is adding to your choice. That isn't the case as you can see.

    Up until now, I never thought about a PS3. That has changed. Yeah you don't need HD-DVD but they put it out so you would buy it. And when you look at the pricing, the 360 is cheaper but you are getting a lot less. For $120 more than the 360 Elite, I get Blu-ray, media readers, wifi. I can even upgrade the drive to 160GB for only $110.

    The PS3 is clearly the better system. If was going to spend retail price on a console it would be the PS3. Hands down.

    Good comparison. :) It's sad that if you get a 160 GB HD, IT'D STILL BE CHEAPER THAN THE ELITE 360! :eek:

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  • toddybody
    Apr 21, 08:31 AM
    Not as scientific benchmarking as I'd like...but ok


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  • asencif
    Nov 13, 11:29 PM
    Actually, you can not...

    "Note: This CD cannot be used to return an Intel-based Macintosh computer's firmware to a previous version if a successful update has already been performed."

    I should of caught that. Thanks for letting everyone know about that. I don't remember seeing this many people post issue after a firmware update. I will try mine later on.

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  • peskaa
    Nov 11, 04:55 AM
    $150 USD is too much? Looking at the toys in red I would figure $150 would be a drop in the bucket. just saying

    The cameras are my job, so not exactly toys for pleasure - and the Macs go along with it.

    I could spend the �130 on Kinect, and it wouldn't exactly hurt my wallet, but my issue is more a value one. For that �130 I get a sensor and access to a bunch of crap games, along with promises that things will get better. Until there's actually quality titles available, it remains an overpriced, overhyped accessory that costs as much as a console.

    ...wait, Kinect costs the same as a 4GB 360. That's ludicrous. Move is also pricey, but has the slight advantage of being a scalable system. Same issue with games though right now.

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  • WildCowboy
    Jan 10, 01:44 AM
    Yep, it was definitely great to meet up with the MR folks and put some faces and names to the handles and avatars.

    (Now, why do I look so creepy in the photo?)

    I'll try to make it over tomorrow to see some of the stuff I missed today (mostly North Hall) and have another chat, but I can't guarantee it. I'll have to see how my day goes.

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Sep 12, 12:27 PM
    "iTunes will give you cover art for free if you are missing cover art"

    now that's sweet...free!

    Aug 3, 11:56 AM
    eveything there looks like stuff that's already available. except that disk with the big black X on it. big black X's always lead to good news.

    i seriously effing hope it's more than improvements to file sync'ing, spotlight, and virtual desktops. that's pathetic. we need a revolutionary OS revision.

    hasn't every new OS be revolutionary?

    Sep 5, 05:11 PM
    if it is true, please make it multi network compatible. I am sick of the bait and switch crap to get phone users to switch network providers, just to have an other provider come out with an other hot feature (or phone), that is exclusive to them too.

    I hate cell phone contracts!

    Oct 22, 01:23 PM
    What has me curious is why the area where the calendar names appear is blurred. Seeing the "flippy triangle" makes me think that iCal will support calendar groups. Some uses for groups that I can see are:

    1 - Eliminate clutter by only showing the calendars in that group when it is selected.
    2 - they can be used as a source of calendars. For instance, you might create a group called "Work" with the source being an exchange server so anyone's calendar that you have rights to see will appear under the group.
    3 - Improve backups, syncing, or sharing.

    This functionality exists in the current iCal

    Jul 16, 09:12 AM
    Steve Jobs is the Man. Long live Steve!

    (everyone I know LOVES their iPhone 4, still totally sold out in Dallas)

    Oct 29, 09:09 AM
    Lotsa people buy XServes and put UNIX or Linux on 'em. Or you could of course install Windows and it'd run like a bat outta Hell with a rocket up its butt.

    People, yes. The money is made in corporate sales. If Apple won't work with them, people won't buy. Apple isn't doing much to widen the base of OSX server. Proprietary environments may be a plus for Mac users, but they're virtually a non-starter in traditional enterprise segments.

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