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paris city

paris city. See Paris
  • See Paris

  • zelmo
    Mar 31, 08:10 AM
    A-ha! So one version is good enough for a dabbler, as suspected.

    Excellent, Smithers [/Mr. Burns];)

    paris city. Paris (city, France), city in
  • Paris (city, France), city in

  • neoelectronaut
    Oct 20, 09:04 PM
    Is there perhaps stand-alone MP3 software for the PS2?

    I know Blaze created a MP3 app for the Dreamcast during it's lifespan. Put the app CD in, boot it up, then swap it out with an MP3 disc, and you can play all the Mp3s on it.

    There are also some freeware DC apps that do the same, and even play really obscure file formats such as OGG and .nsf.

    paris city. Gay Paris! City of style and
  • Gay Paris! City of style and

  • Dane D.
    Aug 6, 12:12 AM
    I don't run it any more as it apparently rips hard drives and I couldn't be bothered setting up the RAM disk method. It also turns my G5 into a bit of a wind tunnel some times.

    BS. Where are you getting your info? The CPU does all the work, the HD only stores the info crunched to send back to SETI. I am coming up on my 1st yr anniversary and no problems. My main machine is the G3/300, 6 yrs old and still purring like the day it was new. Just make sure you have a good air flow through the box and everything will be fine. It is the peps that use PowerBooks that burn up your machine, probably because they don't raise it off the table to get air underneath it. I use 1/2" rubber feet and a small desk fan blowing across the unit to cool my PowerBook the fan hardly comes on. My temps never exceed 109�F in my G3.

    paris city. Paris City Hall.
  • Paris City Hall.

  • joehandel
    Feb 9, 01:07 PM
    Well I've got iOS 4.2.1 on an iPod touch 4g, and I jailbroke it with the latest greenpoison jb so it didn't have to be tethered, and terminal just crashes right after I start it. When it was jailbroken tethered the terminal didn't work either; I'm guessing it's just not compatible with 4.2.1?

    Edit: I just checked what version and what repo it was from: it was Cydia/telesphoreo, version 364.1-10. I also noticed it was designed for iOS 3 so I just got rid of it. Where can I ge a iOS 4 compatible terminal?

    paris city. Part II – Paris, City of Light
  • Part II – Paris, City of Light

  • LewisFielder
    Jun 23, 01:05 PM
    It'll be in the morning, 7:30 AM should be fine.

    You'd be lucky to get one at that time! The queue will be HUGE. I'm getting there at 3.30am. The iPad launch the first person there was there at 12am.

    paris city. Paris City Guide
  • Paris City Guide

  • bursty
    Sep 21, 12:35 AM
    I just picked up a Sony DSC-V3 for about $450. Helluva camera, normally $700 but I found it cheap online. I highly recommend it, many great features: 7.2MP, Full manual mode, awesome lens with the ability to add other lenses.

    paris city. Paris - The Magical City of
  • Paris - The Magical City of

  • SolidSnake
    Dec 17, 03:24 PM
    i'm glad i don't' like myspace.

    paris city. 1243 Paris City of Exile
  • 1243 Paris City of Exile

  • mnkeybsness
    Nov 8, 04:37 PM

    Sorry to yell, but I built macthemesforums.net (http://macthemesforums.net) with phpbb and we all have been regretting it since about 3 months after the site launched. Security holes were the first major issue that we encountered... and now we have incredibly slow loading times and it is very hard to upgrade the software since we have made so many hacks to the default installation.

    If you want lightweight and super fast, try PunBB (http://punbb.org).

    If you want a powerful board with good support, use vBulleting or Invision Powerboard.

    paris city. Paris City Map : Map of Paris
  • Paris City Map : Map of Paris

  • treynolds
    Nov 16, 02:57 PM

    Same thing, try to edit a post and the ad jumps to the middle of the edit area.

    paris city. the City of Paris, c.1991
  • the City of Paris, c.1991

  • RedTomato
    Feb 15, 05:08 PM
    Thanks, that is the method I have been using. It just seems a bit inelegant!

    I tend to agree. It is a bit of a pain.

    A faster way is to use multiquote, then erase the first /quote, and paste (or retype it) after the second /quote.


    Thanks, that is the method I have been using. It just seems a bit inelegant!

    I tend to agree. It is a bit of a pain.

    Or cutting and pasting the second quote= to the start of the reply ...

    paris city. with the Paris City Hall
  • with the Paris City Hall

  • jessica.
    Jun 30, 07:14 AM
    Happened 2 years ago as well.

    paris city. Blue Hour On Paris City Hall
  • Blue Hour On Paris City Hall

  • elvedon
    Feb 16, 09:42 AM

    I just switched from Windows to a Mac, and the only thing I miss is the way Firefox used to behave. I can't figure out what to do to get a browser I genuinely love.

    First of all, Safari. I know a lot of people like it, and I tried to, but I hate it. It sticks and takes a ridiculously long time to load pages. I like the way it looks, the way the tabs function, etc., and could get a along with it just fine if it actually loaded pages swiftly. I have no idea how to fix that or if it's even possible.

    Obviously not IE.

    Firefox acts up on my mac. Sure, it's just as fast as it was on my PC, but eh. The themes won't skin properly, the extensions I cherished (TBE, for example) don't work properly, and generally it's just a big clunky headache compared to the other applications I've started to get used to. Sure, I miss my gmail notifier and the insanely useful Adblock and Sage RSS, and SuperDrag&Go, but all the other extensions I don't miss at all.

    I've just tried Camino, and while it loads pages beautifully, it's not very pretty or very customizable, and the back/forward buttons only work half the time.

    My choices seem to be: a sticky nightmare (Safari), a tchotche-filled mac-unfriendly ex flame (Firefox), or fast but user-unfriendly blandness (Camino). I'm really, really unhappy.

    Any advice on what I can do to restore my former browsing bliss?

    paris city. crazy about Paris.
  • crazy about Paris.

  • daryliow
    Jun 23, 09:47 AM
    Has anyone asked how many handsets o2 have?

    paris city. Paris, City of Light
  • Paris, City of Light

  • Ozix
    May 7, 01:44 AM
    I'd probably just do the base 13", if you're getting an i7 iMac.

    You talking about the 2.3 GHz i5 for $1199, wow I didn't even think of that option. Now I gotta look up the benchmarks for that model :P

    paris city. Disneyland Paris Town Square
  • Disneyland Paris Town Square

  • agluvsbowie
    Mar 15, 01:01 PM
    It works on my iPad 2. It shows the Netflix red screen on my iPad and then the stream on my TV with the audio coming from my TV. I don't have to do anything special aside from plug the cables in and we're good to go. I don't have any additional display apps on my iPad.

    paris city. of the Treaty of Paris
  • of the Treaty of Paris

  • mcdj
    Apr 23, 11:28 PM
    while I also suspect the UE will be the best of the bunch, how long have you used the A Jays? Most higher end headphones have to burn in the drivers, which usually takes several dozen hours, before maximum sound quality is achieved

    I can assure you, at $70, the A Jays Fours are no where near "higher end".

    My default set of IEMs is the Klipsch x10i. I have yet to find anything as punchy and detailed and simultaneously comfortable. They put the A Jays Fours to shame.

    paris city. The Paris City Hall building
  • The Paris City Hall building

  • iJoe
    Feb 14, 12:18 PM
    I'm about to update the guide now. Some more things will be tweaked and added, and the 'choose config' thingymajig wordmunger suggested is being worked on. (But won't be in this update.)

    paris city. Paris city
  • Paris city

  • nerdykarim
    Sep 23, 03:00 PM
    i'm in search of three ipod shuffles and i need them as cheap as possible. iirc, the apple store for education is selling refurbs (which are okay, as long as they're apple recertifieds) for 79 each. if anyone can find something for 69 (or less!) please let me know. i need them as giveaways for a program at my school.

    thanks...i appreciate it.

    paris city. Pictures of Paris
  • Pictures of Paris

  • Bill Gates
    May 25, 04:53 PM
    Glad to see they are still hardworking on fixing and improving "not-new" products.
    I'm not sure I understand you. The 13" MacBook Pro affected by this update is the latest model. I certainly would call it new.

    Apr 16, 08:45 AM
    Fullforce - make regular apps iPad compatible (sometimes erratic)

    Oct 18, 10:02 AM
    He'll only be there for another couple of weeks. wdlove and shadowfax will pass him pretty quickly.

    You've still got some time to relish your position, jef. ;)

    Jan 17, 01:37 PM
    Ahh, free stuff at events, really caps off the day :rolleyes:

    Jan 10, 12:17 PM
    Copy and pasted, removed extraneous crap. Anyway.. nothing new here to see.

    Apr 10, 12:30 AM
    Looks decent. Can't wait till you get more photos up. Maybe even a video review would be awesome. The depending factor for me is how bulky it is.

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