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  • hiddenpremise
    Apr 22, 09:59 PM
    Hi, I've got a plist file with jpeg photo data in it. I need to get that photo out. I can read the plist file into an NSDictionary and can access the object at the key "jpegphoto". The problem is that the object returned is an NSCFArray that I have no idea how to work with. I can print it and I see a nice stream of octets come out, but that's all I know how to do. How do I get this NSCFArray into NSData or a byte array?

    The CFArray when passed to NSLog like so
    NSLog(@"%@", [data_dictionary objectForKey:@"jpegphoto"]);
    Spits out hundreds of line similar to
    5ed15ee6 df44b2ff 00899699 0dd23b58 dccdcadc 6c8d04e1 8b3e1940 af76953e 7c0e1b56
    I know that it is a CFArray b/c I did
    NSLog(@"%@", NSStringFromClass([[data_dictionary objectForKey:@"jpegphoto"] class]));
    And got back

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  • miles01110
    May 5, 05:29 PM
    The image has to be an .eps file (encapsulated postscript).

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  • pianojoe
    Dec 31, 03:35 AM
    I like the new design although:

    I'm losing some screen real estate on my 12" PB. The first quarter of the screen is just the top ad, the logo, and the search field.

    It should be possible to make that more compact.

    If this is my own private HTML rendering problem, I'll gladly provide a screen shot.

    Go out and party!

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  • Zermelo
    Mar 30, 04:46 PM
    Not sure what "issues" you're having, but I've had 4.3 (never seen it called "4.3.0" since there's no such thing, Math 101), but I don't have gyro issues, and my battery life is fantastic. I can't say I use facetime much, but when I have I've had no issues. Sounds like you might have a device issue, not a widespread OS issue. When Apple released 4.3, it was widely understood that it was released to plug the jailbreak.... tho it seems for many that "issues" suddenly are realized when Apple releases a "fix" ... I have a feeling that you're the type that if Apple releases 4.3.2 to fix "volume issues" you'll suddenly complain that you hate 4.3.1 because of the volume bug, even though you'd never mentioned it until they said they're fixing it. That's the type of person psychics prey on... lol.

    This is why I ditched iPhone and went to Android 2 months ago. I got sick of the waiting game for jailbreaks. I have no right to a jailbreak, I just wanted it sooner, and the devs have had a harder and harder time making it happen for every OS release. Android on the other hand, has everything I jailbreak for already built into the OS... widgets, better multitasking, personal hotspot (not ad-hoc crap, etc). I bought an iPad assuming the chatter about "it's almost here" from 3 weeks ago wouldn't be like the Christmas promises that didn't come through till February for iPhone, but again I was disappointed.

    Again, I don't feel entitled to something, my frustration isn't with the Dev Team, it's with Apple. They're focusing sooooo much energy on fighting jailbreaking that Android has focused the same time on building the features and OS that users want. If this thing doesn't come out in the next week this iPad is going back. Apple already lost me in the phone business, guess they want to alienate me as a tablet customer too?

    Ok, queue the Apple fanboy flamers... it's fine, I can take it. I speak from reality not fanaticism. 1 year ago iOS owned the market, now Android does. Give it one more year and it won't even be close if Apple continues to treat customers like prisoners. That didn't work out well for them in the 80s, which gave MSFT the ammo they needed to permanently take the market, and this isn't panning out any different.

    I own a iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, and an iPad 2, so I am certainly partial to Apple products. But regardless of that, I have to say that was well said bella.

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  • occams razor
    Dec 26, 09:34 PM
    I will give you tree fitty for it

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  • tomhide
    Apr 12, 11:36 PM
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  • sinsin07
    Apr 15, 05:12 PM
    iPhone/iPad/iTouch/Andoid = subgames/subgaming (mind numbing time killers)
    PSP/DS/3rd/PS3/xBox = gaming

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  • philipma1957
    May 5, 05:16 PM
    same company has this for sale.

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  • Peterkro
    Feb 27, 10:23 AM
    The US signed the treaty too.

    Clinton signed Bush unsigned.:rolleyes:

    I think in 2017 wars of aggression will come under the treaty,something that would have seen both Bushes,Blair,Clinton and many others hauled in front of the court.

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  • MattyMac
    Oct 26, 09:05 PM
    I'm curious as to how the fifth avenue turn out was. This is the first big event at this store that I missed. I was there for its opening day and the iPhone launch. Both were amazing. I just don't see the need to buy leapord right now because I plan on buying a new mac within the year.

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  • SilianRail
    Apr 20, 05:30 PM
    The day they announce a dividend is the day I sell my shares.You can't beat the 0.75% returns they are getting on all the cash?

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  • Bocheememon
    Aug 7, 09:58 PM
    I was digging on Wikipedia and other sources. I must have missed the part where Microsoft either sold or kept their stocks. I couldn't find hard evidence that they truly sold it. If they own 1/100 of a percent, then they are just keeping a light leash for some corporate reason.

    But here is a hypothetical question you all should think of. I think of it myself sometimes. I'd like to and hope it isn't true.

    Since Microsoft did help support competition between the two, what if they shared OS features? Anyone can lie up on stage if they are a good actor about their OS being original and that such and such company is copying them. But if Bill Gates struck another deal that allowed Apple to release the features we love in OS X before Vista, that would be unusual.

    Just Question. I just get the feeling that something isn't right.

    Asides from that, I never like hearing Ballmer talk on stage. It isn't because he is affiliated with Microsoft. He just talks in such a way that everything is generalized. "Vista will change the way you look at your computer" or something like that. He was ranting about MS Office creating new ways of writing a document. *sigh*

    Oh and I use both platforms!

    For gaming Athlon Alienware PC. I did a price quote to see if the All-New 7500 was similar to the Mac Pro on pricing.

    It is 100-200 cheaper than the Mac Pro! I don't want an/another Alienware PC The difference between the two are the video cards. 7900 for Alienware and 7300 for Mac Pro. I'm not sure which one is a better card. Also, the 7500 has SLI, which would be great not just for gaming, but for rendering 3d projects! Any ideas if the Mac Pro would support SLI?

    That Mac Pro is beautiful! Someday, I would love to own one after I finish paying off my college loans :(

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  • cere
    Apr 14, 07:01 AM
    In Canada it's $50-$55, but you're SOL if you have greymarket phone like me. I have a Rogers phone and have never had a contract with them, even though I've been a subscriber to their discount brand Fido for 5 years they won't unlock it.

    It's a 3GS so it's a little easier to take things into my own hands.
    I've had 3 iPhone 4's unlocked by Rogers, 2 of which were under contract. It is against their internal policies, but it partly depends on the rep you get. For the second phone I got one that was so confused (policy was only a week old) that I was able to convince him the policy allowed me to be unlocked and so he did.

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  • Claude626
    Dec 3, 10:33 AM
    Yay! The bottom breadcrumb's back! Thanks! :)

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  • beetsman
    Jan 23, 03:23 AM
    If they had them, and consequently added probably $100 or more to the price of the display, would you actually commit to buying one... today?

    Possibly, but that's a limitation on LCD tech in general which will get better with time, but Apple LCD's at present are probably among the best computer LCD displays available. I don't know what else you'd do until the tech itself improves... except to say this: Those who are really serious about color, clarity and contrast should stick to CRT's for the time being. Nothing beats a Trinitron in this arena.

    Probably... but the greater likelihood is that graphic designers who tend to buy the higher end Apple LCD's don't. Matte displays are far better for accurate color and contrast. Glossy displays falsely enrich the image, which is a problem if you're trying to maintain a color match from prepress to proof.


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  • Freg3000
    Dec 31, 12:28 AM
    Originally posted by zap23
    Heh.. I really like it.. Much more "apple-like". I do have to agree that the google ads are annoying... but all the more reason to become a demi-god!

    Yes, and that got me looking for a link to "contribute." But I couldn't find one. :D

    What happened to the positive/negative rating system? Did its value go from worthless to pathetically useless? :rolleyes:

    Still, I liked the ratings, it gave an overall sense to the story (sometimes).

    Besides that, A+ on the site so far.

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  • Mess
    Apr 20, 03:59 PM
    wow! Thats some nice profit!

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  • joeztheman
    Jun 20, 07:22 PM
    im thinking of queueing up on thursday too. What time does it open? I have never queued for something on launch day before. Is it likely to be a HUGE queue? Will they sell out of iphones in hours? Can I reserve before hand?

    Thanks in advance for help.


    p.s. Also do you know if orange stores will be selling the iphone on pay as you go and have them in stock from thursday? Also if I was to buy one from vodafone on pay as you go(I know a guy in the shop), would it work on orange?

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  • netdog
    May 25, 07:23 AM
    I'm considering it as an option over Regent Street.

    Mar 16, 04:26 AM
    Why do people create threads about obvious typos? Do they think think they are clever or want attention?


    Apr 19, 03:32 PM

    Jan 16, 07:17 PM
    Also on G3's don't you have to install Mac OS X within the first partition (within the first 8gb)?

    The first 8 GiB. The first 7.4 GB to make it safe... (8 GiB DOES NOT EQUAL 8 GB!!)

    Oct 12, 11:03 PM

    I just bought an iPhone 4, and was looking for a nice wallpaper. Then I saw the default surfing wallpaper, it looked nice to me and I setted it as wallpaper. I also did this for my iPad, now I want it too for my MBP 13''. So I moved the wallpaper from my iPad to my Mac, but it looks horrible as the resolution is 1024 x 704. My Mac's resolution is 1280 x 800. It just doesn't look nice. So in iPhoto I resized it to 1280 x 800 but it still doesn't look nice. I dont' have Photoshop, but I know with Photoshop you can do almost everything with a picture. So can you 'master photoshoppers' please resize the image to
    1280 x 800 without pixelization, as I'm almost certain that is possible in Photoshop.


    The Wallpaper:

    Dude, the only way to get it without pixelation (as far as I know) is to use Vector Graphics. Try Tineye (http://www.tineye.com).

    It may help you with finding that image.

    Apr 28, 05:07 PM
    first sign out from itunes account. sign in with new account for the version 1 app u need. add the app to itunes. connect ipad and make sure that all auto sync features are turned off. then switch to apps tab under ipad and check only cablevision. sync and then sign out of itunes and sign in with your account. that should work i think. also backup backup backup before you start. just in case

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