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heidi montag surgery people

heidi montag surgery people. Heidi Montag plastic surgery
  • Heidi Montag plastic surgery

  • doucy2
    Dec 6, 07:21 PM
    its in my sig

    heidi montag surgery people. heidi montag surgery people.
  • heidi montag surgery people.

  • dejo
    Mar 14, 04:27 PM
    The company will concentrate on putting Zune software onto mobile phones such as those running Microsoft's Windows operating system...
    So, now Zune software is gonna compete with Windows Phone 7? :confused:

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  • Heidi Montag in 2008,

  • jokertown
    Mar 2, 05:55 PM
    This is my first post. I was wondering if anyone knows how to set the metronome in Logic Pro to only click during part of a recording. I would like it to click while recording up to a point and then continue recording but stop clicking. I have played around with the count-in feature and the pre-roll, but have not had much success achieving what I describe above. Thanks,

    note: if there is a more appropriate place to post this thread, please let me know.

    heidi montag surgery people. Heidi Montag before plastic
  • Heidi Montag before plastic

  • g0gie
    Dec 29, 02:56 PM
    You shoudl be fine "capturing" HD content, after all all your doing is copying a file from your HD camcorder to the hard drive on yo ur computer. That wouldnt be system intensive at all, unless you somhow trying to capture video straight to your computer in its raw format which would be a very heavy task that im not even sure g5's could handle. On the playback side, few people realize just hwo cpu intensive h.264 is, even a 1.67ghz g4 will drop fraims at 720p let alone 1080i/p. You definantly need dual G5 2.0Ghz cpus or better for smooth 1080p playback. Thats part of the reason why there are so many specialized chips used in the industry to decode h.264, like in the ipod which can barley handle its low resolution decoding of h.264

    heidi montag surgery people. heidi montag surgery people.
  • heidi montag surgery people.

  • tablo13
    Dec 19, 10:11 PM
    You can download the firmwares from http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ and do the Shift key + Restore in iTunes.

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  • heidi-montag-regrets-surger.

  • JoeG4
    Mar 3, 04:40 PM
    I wonder how much of that 60B came from government-run institutions. You always whine about how people are paying for unions whether they want to or not - schools have to pay MS whether they want to or not (I can think of more than one case of a Linux or Mac school getting sued/audited by MS for not having a windows site license).

    Chew on that. :D

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  • “Lots of people in Los Angeles

  • Hellhammer
    Jan 30, 03:32 AM

    People should just calm down and stop bitching about the carriers. Seriously, it doesn't matter what carrier you are using, as long as you are happy. If you aren't, switch the carrier and stop whining.

    heidi montag surgery people. montag.jpg. Even before PEOPLE
  • montag.jpg. Even before PEOPLE

  • tag
    Sep 23, 11:55 AM
    I like the design of these better than the G5, and I don't want to spend several hundred dollars more on something that I don't like as well.

    I agree with you there, I ended up buying a 20" 1.25GHz iMac G4 a few months ago because I just couldn't bring myself to buying into the look of the G5 (I mean don't get me wrong, its not bad, I just love the G4's look). But you should know, assuming you buy the iMac G4 through apple.com refurbished, it really costs more than getting a refurbished G5 oddly.

    Such as when I bought my iMac G4 three months ago, the refurbished G5 iMac was actually $50 cheaper and was 1.8GHz with 160GB compared to the G4 at 1.25Ghz with 80GB. So monetarily the G5 is a better deal, but for me I had to go form over function. :D Course if you go the ebay route you might get a better deal than apple offers so who knows in that respect.

    So personally I say go for it. I honestly don't do anything really intensive on it but it does work flawlessly and have had no real problems with it. And since your not doing any huge video editing work, I see no reason you need all the extra speed, though the HD space would be nice, but you could always just get an external FW drive if you need it later.

    heidi montag surgery people. The most recent people to push
  • The most recent people to push

  • shen
    Aug 7, 10:49 PM
    take it easy on them, they saved apple's ass in the 90's. if it weren't for them apple would have gone 'rupt. they also have to worry about a thousand different hardware configurations whereas os x 10 has to worry about the mac line.. give 'em a break. (not an ms fanboy) :mad:


    come to think of it, if it weren't for them and their illegal/immoral practices Apple would be at 90% and linux would be the underdog and there would be no Windows, so....

    ...errrr, hang on, what?

    heidi montag surgery people. Heidi montag plastic surgery
  • Heidi montag plastic surgery

  • rick snagwell
    May 1, 11:32 PM
    I know it's not the right area to post...but i love it!!


    heidi montag surgery people. Heidi Montag. When people talk
  • Heidi Montag. When people talk

  • DesmoPilot
    Aug 5, 02:15 AM
    Black Ops looks like just another CoD game, nothing that hasn't been beaten to death before. Very stoked for GT5, Reach will be interesting and I hope Donkey Kong Country Returns comes out in the fall as well (easily my most loved game from E3 '10). Quite a few other games coming out that I forget at the moment.

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  • Heidi Montag on her 10 Plastic Surgery Procedures in People Mag. Heidi Montag on her 10 Plastic Surgery Procedures in People Mag

  • Superdrive
    Oct 24, 04:48 PM
    I still don't see anything too great that every user needs. The parental controls are looking really nice, especially limiting hours on school nights etc. I'm hoping some super-secret features will really make me jump for it next March.

    heidi montag surgery people. Heidi Montag
  • Heidi Montag

  • bearcatrp
    Feb 20, 03:20 PM
    There are threads here that talk about what PITA it is to replace the hard drive in a 2010 mini. Considering it myself. I might just wait to see if apple puts a sandy bridge 4 core in the next update. The current hard drive is slow. If I do any upgrades, will put a 7200 hard drive and replace the optical with a ssd drive. I already maxed my ram to 8GB.

    heidi montag surgery people. Heidi Montag then and now.
  • Heidi Montag then and now.

  • Patmian212
    Nov 29, 01:39 PM
    No one interested?

    heidi montag surgery people. In People magazine, Heidi
  • In People magazine, Heidi

  • dmr727
    May 1, 01:07 PM
    I don't know why I was thinking it started with a 'P'. Now that I know the name, I feel like I should have known!

    Maybe you were thinking Performa - Apple's line of Macintosh that had AtEase preinstalled.

    heidi montag surgery people. Heidi Montag
  • Heidi Montag

  • moerkop
    Apr 26, 07:26 AM

    Apologies if this has already been covered.

    heidi montag surgery people. heidi montag surgery people.
  • heidi montag surgery people.

  • Skadoodat
    Mar 8, 08:47 AM
    I'm going around 11 or 12 am, hopefully early enough for a black 16gb wifi! But I don't see why not.

    heidi montag surgery people. heidi-montag-pratt
  • heidi-montag-pratt

  • iPunish901
    Nov 2, 05:54 PM
    i love this woman and i finally found a good wallpaper of her. :cool:

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  • ANY surgery is extremely

  • micsaund
    Jun 22, 03:41 PM
    Hi All,

    I hope this isn't "taboo" to list an auction here, but if it is and a mod wants to let me know, that's fine. I searched and found some similar posts linking to auctions, so I figured it's worth a shot.

    I recently asked here for valuation tips on my Macbook combo-deal and I know this might be a bit higher than the typical going-rate on MR, I have thrown-in a retail Leopard package/etc. so maybe it's of interest to someone ;) It's in nice shape and very well cared-for (like all my toys).


    Matthew M.
    Nov 1, 12:36 PM
    http://img265.imagevenue.com/loc173/th_92957_Untitled_122_173lo.jpg (http://img265.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=92957_Untitled_122_173lo.jpg)

    Aug 28, 06:01 PM
    Ok. Ok. The damn thing is a fake. How do I know, because an apple rep from the apple store came in the night of the Jaguar release and informed me that four former apple designers came up with the hoax. They built a plastic rendition using a computer and a laser cutter. They then superimposed the newton OS onto the face of the device. The person writing was writing on a the screen, but it was the newton doing all the work. The reason why it looks a little different is they just adjusted the colors and some of the icons to meet a more "OSX" look. Man..that sucks. I know... I know...I should have known, but damn.:mad:


    Oct 25, 11:08 AM
    This discussion has me a bit confused. I don't own an ipod, so forgive my lack of knowledge.

    1. If I buy itms tracks, can I burn them to a CD and play them on a CD player?
    2. If I own a CD, can rip it to itunes and then play it on an ipod?

    Jan 9, 10:56 AM
    The once amusing macosrumors.com (http://www.macosrumors.com) say the same thing, they have been for a while. Let's wait and see. The MacBook modded tablet looks interesting, but I think it's going to be a lot of ���.

    Apr 15, 07:52 AM
    With the MaxConnect BackPlane Attachment for Mac Pro [2010] Systems (SZ-MACPRO10-MS06) I can't make it out too well from the picture but it appears there's a small adapter attached onto the back of the hard drive ports correct?

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