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hayden panettiere without makeup. Mondayitis?
  • Mondayitis?

  • TheBaconKing
    Mar 14, 01:39 AM
    Check out how fast it reloads now on the iPad 2 as well!!

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  • Hayden Panettiere Without

  • Shake 'n' Bake
    Mar 4, 04:36 PM
    An interesting tidbit on this: Spiders have only been found on L4 equipped models; none found on V6 powered cars.

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  • Doctor Q
    Jan 12, 12:55 PM
    I can't resist reporting this article, because it contains this sentence that you don't see very often:
    "Surprisingly, Howe said, their inspiration came from cockroach legs."

    Rather than build a robotic hand that could avoid mistakes while grasping a variety of objects, researchers build one that can correct mistakes on the fly, which is what humans do.

    Despite its four-fingered form, the resulting hand has several human characteristics. At rest, its joints are opened from 25 to 45 degrees, and the joints at the base (our palm) are more flexible than the joints of the fingers. Dollar also added sensors to detect when a finger touches an object and the angle of the joints. While the hand automatically adjusts for many small errors, the sensors enable it to compensate for larger miscues.

    The result is a very simple hand that can grasp a wide range of objects. It could become a platform for future household and service robots, where the ability to grasp different objects is important.

    Full article: Cockroach Inspires Robotic Hand To Get A Grip (http://www.insidescience.org/research/cockroach-inspires-robotic-hand-to-get-a-grip)

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  • bumknee22
    Apr 14, 09:05 AM
    The Optimum app was working fine for a few days when I was at home on my wireless network. As of last night I started getting an error which reads "you must be connected to your home network and signed in to watch Live TV".
    Also yesterday I was finally able to connect via VPN from a wifi hot spot but got the same error message. So now I have 2 issues.

    I can't connect from every wifi hotspot I try, only certain ones

    I now can't connect to LIVE TV either at home or over vpn when away from home.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

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  • IngerMan
    May 1, 07:23 PM
    I have a 08 iMac and a new MBA. I use my MBA 95% of the time. Having a iPad and MBA seems more odd then a iPad and iMac. Since you are getting a free ipad I would consider pairing it with the iMac. My 2nd choice would be the Ipad+MBA+24" Dell display. Again this is just personal preference and it is really what you want :D

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  • Sky Blue
    Jan 16, 06:05 PM
    Yes, they have a booth.

    No, I didn't go in - I would have yelled at some poor booth drone about the sorry state of QuickBooks for Mac for a good 45 minutes if I had. :mad:

    Another company that has turned a cold shoulder towards the Mac recently who supposedly has a booth this year (though I must have not seen it in the West Hall yesterday): EMC Insignia. I need to go back to the show, track down their booth, and yell at one of their poor booth drones about the sorry state of Retrospect for Mac. :D

    Did you bother to read the thread before you posted?

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  • weing
    Apr 4, 04:00 PM
    Paging Captain Obvious!

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  • InfoTime
    Apr 15, 01:22 PM
    In my business I provide IT support for residential and very small business customers. I don't handle any clients who are big enough to require a real Windows server like Windows Server 2003 or 2008.

    However, I have installed a couple of Windows Home Server appliances for customers - mainly for backup purposes. I love the backup feature of Windows Home Server. It's the closest thing I've found to Time Machine on Windows. The problem is that Windows Home Server looks like a dead-end. HP (who had the best boxes) is getting out of the business. The new version of WHS doesn't look that great.

    So, I recalled that Server will be included in Lion. A few questions:
    - is there or will there be a limit on the number of client PCs that can connect
    - can anyone recommend a free or near-free backup program for Windows that will work as well as WHS's? (automatic daily backups that are both file and image backups, and work with most recent flavors of Windows XP Home, Vista Home Premium or 7 Home Premium)
    - anything else I should consider?

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  • DHagan4755
    Mar 13, 06:49 PM
    I should see no reason why it wouldn't work like it does on the PowerBooks given that you feed the iBook the maximum amount of RAM. The only other limiting factors are the graphics card memory and the size of the screen (1024x768) is somewhat limiting when you have all of Final Cut's windows open.

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  • jrath1
    Sep 12, 07:40 PM
    Do any of these new ipods have a firewire connection??

    If not..that's some BS

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  • Brm-G
    May 5, 11:29 AM
    Already available in many resellers in the Netherlands. I assume they are available in Belgium too by now.

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  • rozwell
    Sep 18, 08:03 AM
    the only thing that bothers me is that there is no branding.

    also... http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fspecere.net%2F

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  • basesloaded190
    Apr 18, 03:07 PM
    I am still using a 3g, how do you think people like me feel ??

    Who's stopping you from upgrading? I'd do it now, get the 4, then be ready for the 6 next year!

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  • iggypod
    Aug 25, 04:00 PM
    I have a few pair of scosche buds (off of amazon - do a search for all the models) that fit well and have the mic and volume control.

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  • RedDragon870503
    Jun 17, 09:38 PM
    First of all, if there is enough interest I will post some pictures.

    For sale:

    iMac G4
    Superdrive (thanks SuperCompu2)
    256mb RAM
    15 inch
    Apple Speakers
    Apple Pro keyboard and mouse
    Currently running Linux (6.06)

    $250 Shipped OBO

    Powerbook G3 Pismo (with G4 upgrade)
    I am parting out this machine.
    550 Mhz G4 Daystar upgrade card
    768 Mb of RAM (could be used in iMac I believe)
    Logic Board
    Hard Drive
    Screen (no bezel)
    Anything else you think I can pull out of it.

    Logic Board with G4 is $250 fair?
    RAM (512): $45 Shipped
    RAM (256): $25 Shipped
    PRAM Battery (which, to my knowledge is fine): $15 Shipped
    Power Brick (black) : $35
    Screen (No Bezel just LCD) : $45
    Battery is bad: won't sell

    I will ship internationally (Canada, GB, and Australia) for a little extra... Unless you live in Nigeria

    The machine is fully working but has a bad hinge.

    PM's welcome. Also, tempt me with a trade... Think decent Linux laptop, DDR2 1066 RAM, or 10,000 RPM drive.


    More PM's then I anticipated. Sorry I didn't get back to more of you. Updated the original listing to reflect many common questions and provided firm pricing.

    First come first serve!

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  • bigdognkat
    Dec 17, 02:03 PM
    I was at work when the news came to me of Lennons Murder. I drove back to my yard, and just got in my car, and went home. I never even made any excuses to anyone just had to be alone, and try to reason why anyone would do such a thing?? I kept recalling a verse in one of his songs that said,,, " the way things are going.... theyre gonna CRUCIFY ME"!!! He knew this was coming . I firmly hold true to the belief that "YOKO", had a hand in his shooting, as Lennon had been secretly meeting w/ the other Beatles in California, planning to get back together, and was returning to Yoko, only to get a divorce, as they had been seperated for over a year by then she got wind of the reunioun and knew she was going to be left out of the loop, and that the other beatles blamed her for their breakup!!!I will always wonder what music was lost to all of us , with his passing???

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 20, 04:00 PM
    What I want to know is who are the 3 idiots who disliked this topic :eek:

    I could easily name 3...

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  • amigi
    Jan 25, 02:59 AM
    what been missed out in this discussion is that the ACD has no HDCP support !!! that means no protected Blueray HD content plays
    ( maybe thats why there is no blue ray option yet !)
    and even when DVI is compatible to HDMI , without HDCP the ACD stays black, which makes the name Cinema a bit obsolete ,

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  • chrisc983
    Apr 20, 10:37 AM
    they are having trouble with the A5 bootrom. Looks bad.

    Not to get off subject but if the iPhone 5 comes out with the same processor I assume we will have the same issue with jb?

    Mar 9, 07:27 AM
    Just want to say that if you are using CS5 I would not recommend the current Mac Mini - I just think it is too slow. At least if you are going to have a browser/code editor or whatever else open in the background too.

    I have a laptop with a C2D processor and also run CS5 and multitask and it is definitely a bit on the slow side.

    The processors in the current Mac Mini range are pretty rubbish tbh (especially for the money).

    Oct 25, 09:08 AM
    Since Leopard won't be out until spring you will have to pay the full price. Apple is pretty stingy about giving discounts to their OS upgrades. If you had purchased you MBP a week before Leopards release you might have receive it for free.

    Yeh, I think last time it was something like 28 days...

    Either way, it hasn't got anything to do with stingy; let us say for the sake of argument that I purchased a Dell computer today, and vista is released on 1st February. Surely you're not expecting Dell to ship you Vista free? No Way - it's not good business sense.

    Apple Hardware and Software probably have different division headings so you can't argue that the above analysis is not viable.

    Sep 12, 07:47 PM
    Do any of these new ipods have a firewire connection??

    If not..that's some BS

    The 'old' 5G iPods didn't have Firewire.

    EDIT: <maxwell smart>Missed it by that much.</maxwell smart>

    Aug 7, 07:38 PM
    How come I'm really not surprised...maybe it's because I figured this would happen eventually several years ago when Microsoft bought VirtualPC. Too bad that they don't have a version of VirtualPC that runs on x86 hardware...oh, except for the version of VirtualPC for Windows...you can ignore that.

    But considering how Microsoft has been dropping its limited Mac line left and right, it's really not too much of a surprise. With the stiff competition from those people who are actually doing some work and coming out with products.

    How does Microsoft keep in business? When was the last time they released a major new product that made money? Office 2004? And that was for the Mac!

    I certainly could be wrong about some things, but when you consider that Microsoft's two major money makers (Office and Windows) have been in hibernation for several years. Practically any other technology company that sat around that long would have been smeared off of the map!

    Apr 22, 07:05 AM

    Once you flash the card with the EBC firmware, and the desired disk on the card has been selected as the boot location in OS X, it will boot (array, JBOD, or pass through).

    So I decided to go with the Areca 1880ix-12 since word on the internet :) is it outperforms the latest offerings from ATTO. Does it come with an 8088 cable as well to connect external storage solution or just the 8087 internal?

    Also with this MaxConnect HDD adapter solution for 3rd pary RAID should I go with this one with no miniSAS cable:

    MaxConnect BackPlane Attachment for Mac Pro [2010] Systems
    4 pcs of MaxConnect RAID Attachment (4 Disk Drives)
    2.5 inch Form Factor Disk Drive - SAS/SATA
    3.5 inch Form Factor Disk Drive - SAS/SATA
    Mounting Screws for the Disk Drive

    Or this one with miniSAS:
    MaxConnect BackPlane Attachment for Mac Pro [2010] Systems
    4 pcs of MaxConnect RAID Attachment (4 Disk Drives)
    2.5 inch Form Factor Disk Drive - SAS/SATA
    3.5 inch Form Factor Disk Drive - SAS/SATA
    Mounting Screws for the Disk Drive
    MiniSAS Cable for the Controller

    I presume the Areca controller already comes with an 8087 miniSAS to 4xSATA header cable, do I still need the miniSAS cable that MaxConnect are including in that latter package ? In general do you I need any other accessories besides the ones that come with this MaxConnect pack to connect my 4x SATA HDD's to the controller ?

    As for flashing I'll take your advice and do it through firefox, the older version too and not the new 4 that just came out. So it's browser management\flashing utility is available irrespective of whether the card is flashed to EFI yet or not? Considering that it would by default be with BIOS I presume this to be the case?


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