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  • ErikAndre
    Jan 14, 04:02 PM
    I just wish it was today, since I'm going to be out all day with doctor appointments and other errands. Tomorrow I don't think there's anything to keep me away from the Internet and TV spoilers. Well, I do have several hours of downloaded TV shows to catch up on. Guess I could spend the day with Front Row. :-)

    Yes, but it won't nearly be the whole day, since Apple has pledged to make it available in the afternoon.

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  • Nameci
    Apr 19, 01:18 PM
    If I were you i would try to strip memory, or reseat memory on the slot.

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  • JackAxe
    Mar 16, 05:13 PM
    This was the first Castlevania game I played after the NES days and was the only one I finished. This game is great. I'm jealous. :)


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  • OllyW
    Jan 15, 08:20 AM
    Cool. I thought it was 6 last time??

    It definitely was 2 years ago. My cable modem broke and the engineer finally turned up to replace it at 5:50. :mad:

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  • solientblack
    Apr 26, 09:54 AM
    re-did the DFU mode steps. iTunes came up again and said "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.

    Steps I used just so everyone knows what I am doing.

    1- Phone is off already, so no need to power it down.

    2- Held Home and Sleep keys for 10 seconds WITH iTunes open, continuing to hold the Home button until iTunes gave me that popup box with the "iTunes has detected..."

    3- Hit restore, it attempts to do so, and about 2-3 minutes later it gives me that 1604 error message. When it first starts the restoration process the screen flashes white then an Apple logo appears, and has the circular loading icon at the bottom for about 5 seconds and it powers down again. Then I get that error a few minutes later as i mentioned just before.

    It is in DFU mode. The screen is blank, nothing is there.

    edit: I even tried the SHIFT, then click Restore button just to try everything once. Same process happens that I mentioned in step 3.

    edit2: updating iTunes to the latest version and trying again., same message even with new iTunes and a new computer, new usb port, and even a new usb cable.

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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 8, 07:16 PM
    Check out Larry Greenber's review at youtube, he mentions some installation tips.

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  • sbb155
    Apr 23, 08:52 PM
    Posted my mac pro 1.1 on ebay to end on monday. Looking at new mac pro, but hoping apple would do a minor processor refresh to include the 3.2 hex, etc. any history of doing this?

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  • eclipse
    Dec 5, 10:28 PM
    Ummmm, I don't use code. :o :o :o

    I just use the graphical interface, and there has been LOTS of editing on that home page. :o :eek: :D

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  • andymac85
    Mar 5, 01:00 PM
    When I load F@H5 in terminal, it skips asking me my name and team. any ideas?

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  • PurrBall
    Jan 20, 06:27 PM
    Interesting, this only shows in Software Update and not in the Mac App Store.

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  • Mr. Anderson
    Jul 23, 10:06 AM
    all the forums were shut down for an hour or two, so it might not have been a mistake, it might have been for everybody.

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  • maddav
    Sep 19, 11:33 AM
    Does around �400-�450 for a ~700mhz G3 with Airport sound about right? I'm not looking at a particular auction, but as a general guide.

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  • Eidorian
    Oct 20, 01:17 PM
    It's a little faster than the Core i7 920.


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  • MrMacMan
    Oct 18, 09:22 PM
    Oh Mr. A will stay up there forever, heck a year might pass and he doesn't post once and he would still be on top.


    What ever happened to AlphaTech?

    gone somewhere else?

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  • robshakir
    Feb 24, 02:36 PM
    Have u had any problems with the slow trackpad that people have been complaining about on the Rev D models?

    You might want to check out this:


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  • Austin M.
    Apr 11, 02:16 AM
    Oh please, get rid of that kickstand.


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  • lynkynpark86
    Feb 7, 09:03 AM
    hi i have an ipod touch 4 JB on 4.1 i was just wondering that is there a way to put songs in to the ipod without connecting to itunes

    and also any app for bluetooth transfer

    Well, MewSeek is like limewire and, if you get the paid version, you can add songs to the ipod/music app. And Wifi sync lets you do just that, sync over wifi (but sadly not bluetooth)

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  • OSMac
    Feb 21, 07:35 AM
    Says it's Not compatible with current firmware, also it does not seem to be for an iPad?

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  • daneoni
    Mar 4, 03:28 PM
    Is it too late to ask for one? lilrotex@yahoo.com

    May 5, 10:01 AM
    I removed my Samsung 470 SSD from an HP laptop that had Win 7 running. Trim was enabled automatically with Win 7. When I put it into my new Macbook Pro trim was not enabled. You can check by going into the Apple, then About, then More Info and finally into Serial ATA. When you scroll down you will see that trim is not enabled.( Without it, the SSD will fill up and slow down. Google it and see what it does). Groths.org had a Trim Enabler patch that worked perfectly. I downloaded it and clicked on it and it installed. When I went back into the Apple, etc I found that trim had been enabled. Kudos to Oskar. I dropped a couple of bucks on him from Paypal because I appreciate this kind of work. Maybe Apple will have trim enabled in the next OS, like Win7.

    Apr 23, 02:07 PM
    This is what you are looking for. I took a screen shot from the page of the Air 2010's service manual.

    yes, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

    But could you also give me a link to that manual, because it that I've searched a lot a places using various search terms, and could not find it.

    Mar 15, 11:55 AM
    Its also the buggiest thing on the OS, it disables typing after a few minutes, doesnt want to load web pages some times, and everytime you skip around in a flash video it starts it as a new download without killing the old one meaning youll end up with a bunch of FLV's being downloaded at the same time killing your bandwidth and having your video stopped on sites that dont allow multiple connections.

    I agree. While I love how fast it is, I keep having scrolling issues when there are multiple tabs open. I have to reload a tab in order to get scrolling to come back. Anyone having a similar issue?


    May 31, 01:30 AM
    All of my favorite mac sites: (still there are more)

    Apr 17, 09:48 AM
    This was funny in the first time I saw it.

    Yes, but you're old.

    Seen it before, too. :p

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