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Ford F150 Raptor Interior

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  • seedster2
    Apr 26, 06:30 PM
    A lot of you are a bunch of cheap asses. Most of you don't understand the amount of work that goes into producing these apps. They're not just PDFs that you download and flip through. You get both an interactive version and print version of the the magazine. The reason print subscriptions are so cheap is because they don't really care about print sales. You're paying them to give your information to them so they can use it for marketing purposes. Thus another reason the ipad/iphone version are more expensive is because Apple won't allow them to collect your information. Conde is currently working on a subscription model, but it also how they are going to be able to negotiate with Apple.

    I like how everbody blames everything but the ipad. The ipad just makes for a crappy ebook with it's bright display and weight.

    Amazing how everyone else trying to make money is "greedy" but when Apple charges a perceived premium the knee jerk response is "dont buy it troll".

    Content doesnt just appear out of thin air. Creatives deserve to earn too.

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  • xi mezmerize ix
    Mar 4, 05:02 PM
    Using a popular one I made (:


    Link please

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  • vniow
    Aug 7, 04:51 PM
    Camille (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=222245) will (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=222244) certainly (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=222247) be (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=222306) happy. (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=222562)

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  • goodmacman
    Oct 14, 12:25 PM
    Does anyone remember that back in the day's of mac classics or maybe it was the performa lineup. When I was about 10 years old. There was a little program where you went diving and it was designed to teach you how the mac interface worked. With Drag and Drop etc.

    Now I too have experienced windows friends getting very stressed that the mac is rubbish because it doesn't work. You walk over. Show them how it works and due to their pride they then won't admit that it is great because they feel stupid for not trying your solution.

    What if there was a nice program that just helped them into the right mode of thinking. A sort of quick intro for ex windows users. We could call it iRehab?

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  • awmazz
    Mar 16, 05:12 AM
    Another question based on a difference I see to Katrina - why am I not seeing any animals? After Katrina there were lots of rescued/abandoned dogs etc. Are pets not so prevalent in Japan?

    And a lingual question - why the use of the word 'prefecture' all the time? As in Chiba prefecture, why not just Chiba? Isn't it unecessary, like saying 'Caifornia state' or 'Los Angeles city/county' all the time?

    PS. I didn't see USA right at the top the chart at first. Maybe a big arrow to point it out. Anyway, how is Finland and Sweden etc healthier than Australia and Greece, do they not get more colds and flus than we in warmer countries?

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  • craigverse
    Jan 4, 06:34 PM
    I'll be there. I've got a Users Conference pass. I went last year as well.

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  • grapefruitmoon
    Sep 30, 06:03 AM
    Just downloaded this and it connected straight away, no problems. However, does it only work with the built in tuner? I can't seem to find a way to view programs on the composite video input connection, where my Sky box is connected.

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  • Stukka
    Mar 12, 11:40 PM
    link to alliance wallpaper please?

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  • MikhailT
    Oct 5, 12:03 AM
    I specifically mentioned Final Cut since all the installation files takes up something like 40 gigs - kinda big don�t you think?

    80GB External drives are being sold for 30-40$ at most. I�m sure they can offer it next to the 10 DVDs package or something that�s offered for Final Cut for 40$ more. Far easier and faster to install from an external drive than 10 DVDs. A lot of huge packages are starting to come in the external drives instead of 10 DVDs.

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  • rishey
    Nov 13, 02:43 PM
    That kid's an arrogant little twirp in those commericals. If he's a Mac I'd rather be an abacus. Blech.

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  • MH01
    Apr 28, 09:14 AM
    Geez it must be fun being an Apple employee. Everytime I go to the Apple store it really does seem like such a fun place to work ;).

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  • MacinDoc
    Nov 17, 12:03 AM
    this sounds pretty cool. is it possible to do this and keep a sturdy product? correct me if im wrong but i thought they moved away from the moving wheel (1G ipod) to the touch wheel because it was less moving parts. very cool and innovative. i hope this is something that gets used and knowing apple they will use it well!
    oh, HELL no. Please don't tell me you're serious. Can you actually imagine someone carrying around a portfolio of these plates to lay on their computer? That's worse than an 8" floppy!!!


    I pray this never sees the light of day.

    If the bottom half of the device is a touchscreen, you don't have to use physical overlays. You could expand on the concept of the Nintendo DS.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 12, 10:53 AM

    It would make more sense (to me).

    Oh Gosh no. Unless Apple kept their (Netflix') pricing methodology...sorry but 99 cents for ONE TV show rental is ludicrous in comparison to Netflix'

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  • zflauaus
    Sep 12, 11:43 AM
    what the hell are you posting with then just do it on that omg :D
    I'm posting on one of the computers, I'm in Formatting with free time. Thank god.

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  • bloodbone
    Jun 10, 09:11 AM
    when something is wrong the genius bar replace the phone on the spot. does best buy do that?

    That's not entirely true. While you will often times find an Apple genius who is willing to do that, (I've seen it many times myself), the Apple warranty agreement reads...

    This warranty does not apply: (b) to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes.http://images.apple.com/legal/warranty/docs/iphone.pdf

    BestBuy's warranty is pretty much a service/replacement plan. Meaning we will first try to "rapid exchange" the phone for you. As soon as GeekSquad checks the phone into the system, a request is generated to send a new or re-manufactured iPhone from our nearest repair center to the BestBuy store you request. This process normally takes about 2-3 days. When that happens if fulfills the service portion of your warranty contract.

    If our repair center is out of new or re-manufactured iPhones then the system alerts that GeekSquad agent and then will send you to customer service to exchange your broken phone for a new one.

    I normally recommend people purchase BestBuy warranties on Apple products that are capable of having the ADH warranty on them. Which are Laptops, and iPhones. Reason being, if you drop it, it's definitely covered. And you can still take it to any Apple service center to get repairs made as long as you're still within your Apple care warranty.

    If you get an iPhone from BestBuy and you're still within your Applecare warranty or you find a polite Apple genius, then nothing is stopping you from trying to get a damaged iPhone exchanged. The only real difference is that BestBuy explicitly guaranties that it will either be repaired or replaced, whereas Apple says they will not repair/replace it, but normally make concessions.

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  • I WAS the one
    Apr 12, 12:34 PM
    I got boxee, that made me put my Apple TV to my moms entertainment center... Sorry Apple, but sometimes you just need Boxee... (netflix, vudu, Navi-X and many more!....)

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  • smithrh
    Mar 7, 08:20 PM
    It should be an option, definitely.

    But, if you check Activity Monitor, System Memory tab, you can see how much has actually been swapped out. On my system, which has been up almost 3 days, it says 80KB. Even though it says I have 4MB of swap file 'in use,' and have 478MB of swap-ins. The discrepancy is likely partially due to executable code, which doesn't get swapped; it just gets thrown out, and reloaded from the executable file if needed. My actual swapfile is 64MB as allocated on disk.

    So, if you do have enough RAM, OS X doesn't appear to be over-eager in writing to the swapfile to an extent that an SSD would have any reduced lifetime. But there is probably plenty of other places to look, such as temporary files, needless rewriting of large sections of data, web browser caches, etc.

    Unfortunately I cannot remember where I read this (believe it was Anandtech) but the fear of burning out any decent SSD is vastly overblown - it would take many years (10?) at 24x7 heavy use to even approach it.

    Given the rate at which technology moves forward, I can't envision using any SSD bought today for more than, say, 5 years at the very most.

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 4, 09:49 PM
    July 23rd.

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  • fabian9
    Apr 6, 10:49 AM
    Also the reason it works when bent is because the components are all at the top. Middle/Bottom is mostly made up of the batteries. Theoretically you could cut it in half and it'd still work. Although I doubt the display would function with half it missing :P

    So in theory, you couldn't cut it in half and it'd still work.

    That guy was so stupid. He blended like 3 iPhones, iPad, some iPods. He wasted a grand already. Better use the money to improve his business or something IMO.

    How much money do you think he made by people watching these adverts and realising the great potential of this blender?

    Jun 16, 02:50 PM
    Just curious on what everyones process at BB was. I walked in and signed a sheet of paper with barcodes and a picture of the iPhone 4. I paid 50 for a GC and they put my name down on a list for a 9am appointment on launch day. I just want to see if BB has the same procedures everywhere else.

    yes, except they told me they'd give me a call sometime before the 24th as to when i can pick up my phone. it could be on the 24th, but it could also be a later date.

    Apr 29, 07:11 PM
    That was extremely funny segment. Part of the time while watching, I'd be going "not true, but haha funny", or "that view is warped, but haha still makes me laugh". Probably because I see The Daily Show as a comedy show, just like David Letterman and Jay Leno's talk shows.

    On the matter of the gizmodo/lost iphone story, I don't think Apple did anything wrong. Bashing in the guy's door is a little over kill, but even Jon Stewart doubt Apple ordered the police to do that (at around 7 minutes into the segment). In a year, this will all be forgotten.

    Bust Door app, hehe, that's just funny. :D

    Apr 29, 10:59 AM
    I had the 11" air and the 12" powerbook...Loved the powerbook so much more than the air. The air was simply too small for me.

    I have been really wanting to pick up the 13". Great at everything.

    Fair enough... but considering how much I liked the puny Vaio P, I shouldn't have an issue with that :-)

    Apr 5, 12:51 PM
    um....what didn't you understand? There was FUD about android being fragmeneted, yet two releases make up 90% of the install base. Ok, what stats would you like to deal from? otherwise stop running your jib when your obviously just regurgitating what you read here.

    Did you read what I actually wrote? Your statistics are not complete. And then there is the fact that Google considers fragmentation to be a major problem.

    More importantly, fragmentation is not only about OS version. It's also about UI and hardware features.

    Mar 23, 11:45 AM
    ^^^ No, America doesn't suck. It's a cool place filled with a lot of cool people (and some a******s, like anywhere else).

    But what does suck is to be talking American politics in an interesting thread about JAPAN.

    Can we please keep this thread on topic, and have those tedious Republican/Democrat fights somewhere else?

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