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  • mattwolfmatt
    Mar 15, 02:35 PM
    "Microsoft to Kill Off Development of New Zune Hardware"

    Was it Microsoft, or was it Capitalism?

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  • Gr80Likes2Boogi
    Apr 27, 06:01 PM
    So I would be fine buying a colored, retail version, yes?

    And thanks, Sim, for your pm.

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  • F14CRAZY
    Aug 8, 09:25 AM
    Connectix was pretty sweet. I guess their legacy is dead, except for those priceless Ram Double floppies I have stashed away for a different day and age.

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  • alfmoonspace
    Mar 11, 07:03 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    First here at slc best buy. Going to put it on my card, how many at gateway total?

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  • John T
    May 6, 11:04 AM
    "Error occurred during installation please try again" doesn't necessarily indicate there is anything wrong with your machine. I have received a similar message whilst running Software Update and the problem was with the network.

    Have you tried as advised - tried later?

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  • superbovine
    Nov 20, 03:26 AM
    :o true, sorry about the laziness. I couldn't find anything worthwile so I thought it'd be good to get some advice from the good people at MR. The problem with googling "ASP .NET shopping cart" is that the first 1000 pages or so will be about non-free stuff. Adding "open source" or "free" didn't improve the results that much either. I think I'm going to give PHP another shot since there's tons of open source stuff for it.

    well if you did look :P


    why do you want to use asp.net and take the extra cost in sql server and windows 2003... you could get web server addition which is cheaper, but you can't beat the linux price, unless you are using shared hosting then your cost is about the same. all you have to do is hope a worm doesn't take out your database or your web server :P

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  • ravenvii
    Jan 28, 10:48 AM
    I agree - use that space only for countdowns and such. The current usage is a bit silly.

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  • nsjoker
    Aug 8, 02:02 PM
    this is good for both microsoft and apple.

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  • FroColin
    Feb 18, 12:32 AM
    This is the cheapest weighted keyboard that I know of. It's USB and midi, a sustain pedal input and that's it. It's very basic but it works perfectly fine, has pitch bend and modulation. I gave you the link on B&H cause it's the cheapest one that I know of, also I am in love with B&H and I reuse to acknowledge any other website exists ;) It's only 140 bucks. This may seem expensive but it's VERY cheap for a semi weighted keyboard. If you want 88 keys then they have a larger version of that. It's... 200 I think. As for headphones... idk haha

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  • MattMJB0188
    Nov 10, 01:23 PM
    Here's my new desktop theme. :cool:

    Awesome :D Link?

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  • MechaSpanky
    Mar 16, 10:52 PM

    I'm not sure about Quark Xpress 8 as I currently use Quark Xpress 7 but I have been using Quark Xpress since version version 2.1 and as far as I can remember (at least since version 3.1), control + shift doesn't zoom. Control (by itself, not using any other keys) is zoom in and Control + option is zoom out. Also the "Alt" key or as most Mac people call it the "option" key should allow you to move the page around. You mentioned both the "Alt" key and the "option" key in your original post. They are the same thing. Are you trying to use the "command" key to move the page around?

    Sometime after version 4, Quark added an option in the Preferences allowing you to change the behavior of the "Control" key. If you go to the Preferences/Input Settings you can change the "control" key to zoom or to contextual menu. Before the normal behavior was to use the "control key" to zoom in but now the default settings is to have the "control key" to activate the contextual menu. And you can zoom in and out of text boxes.

    Things might have changed in version 8 but I would guess that they are the same as version 7. Version 8 might have some different Preference settings as well (like changing what the "option" key does), it is worth checking into.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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  • phatpat88
    Aug 7, 08:51 PM
    No... that was a lot of people getting confused. MS was giving away VirtualPC which is a Windows product. They never were giving away any Mac products, nor were they intending to as far as we know.

    Yes, but we don't exactly know when that will come out. Look for it AFTER Vista (if that can happen) ;)


    Universal Office will arrive in Approx. Late Sept-Nov.

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  • gugy
    Oct 27, 10:57 AM
    true, That's what I am expecting to happen.
    They lowered the iPod prices and that opened room for the hi-end Video ipod priced at $400 or $500.
    So it might happen. The big question is if they are ready for this on the holiday season or later maybe at MWSF. We'll find out in 2 to 3 weeks if they do not announce it a week or so before Thanksgiving.

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  • Artofilm
    Jan 20, 10:04 AM
    Apple will release newly designed ACD's along with the newly designed Mac Pro, and since they just released a Mac Pro, I wouldn't think it would be released for maybe another 7 months to a year.

    Don't hold your breath. The current ACD's are amazing.

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  • John88
    Apr 23, 10:11 PM
    did your envelope come sealed?

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  • H&Kie
    Mar 19, 02:15 PM
    The standard resolution for DVD is 720 x 576 pixels, so 800x600 should do the trick.
    For myself, when I doubt the quality of a movie or whatever I want to play on a TV/DVD set, I burn the files on a DVD-RW first. In most cases the quality is better on TV than it seems on my computerscreen. Sure the fact my monitor has higher resolution than my TV and the distance from what you watch your TV (lots more than from where you look at my monitor) will play a role.

    Good luck

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  • jemh8
    Apr 28, 05:52 PM
    It was the perfect solution!! Thank you so much, first I connect the display, once my Apple LED Cinema becomes the main and only monitor, I open the lid of my MBP(with out clicking on Detect Display, and the MBP is "inactive") so the vents can cool down the laptop, I could play perfect for hours!

    Thank you

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  • neilson31
    Oct 26, 07:25 AM
    Could it be that Apple is going to release this new video iPod after Zune so it can steal MS's thunder?....

    What do you guys think?

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  • arn
    Dec 31, 01:14 AM
    Originally posted by GeeYouEye
    No more MacApps forum links?

    er.... yeah... hmm....

    I'll get on it... ;)


    Nov 11, 10:26 AM
    Yojiirill needs to check out Pinkerton.
    Raditude is fun though.

    Apr 7, 08:24 PM
    The Boot Camp drivers provided by Apple aren't that great, especially for the trackpad and the brightness controls. When I'm dragging and dropping files in Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro, I tend to press down with one finger and drag with another finger.

    I have my trackpad set up on Windows 7 and OS X to have it so that the bottom left corner is left click and the bottom right is right click. Tap to click is disabled.

    So, basically, I cannot have "tap-to-click" and have "press down with one finger and drag with another finger" at the same time.

    That sucks.

    Jul 4, 04:08 PM
    A very good story, It has made me think about my up and coming switch.

    I am certainly looking forward to the day but I don't want to have great expectations, even though my ipod purchase made a month ago has certainly lived up to my expectations.

    Oct 11, 09:09 PM
    Lasso's function editor will sport more than 200 hundred functions that will span a number of needs, from financial to statistical and possibly niche applications such as engineering, sources say.

    My God...that's like..20,000 features! (Thanks, Calculator!)

    Apr 18, 11:46 AM
    The only thing that will get me to upgrade is a revamped notification system in iOS 5 PLUS LTE/4G cellular data. We can only hope.

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