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  • Cybergypsy
    Feb 29, 07:02 PM
    hey can you send me the wallpaper on the iphone image....really like it :)

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  • jmufellow
    Sep 29, 01:52 AM
    What about the apple credit 160 days same-as-cash thing? If it is what it seems that would be all I need. Am I missing something here like absurd interest? gee I hate being naive.

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  • iSayuSay
    May 6, 09:35 AM
    Nice ID there OP .. IwantItToo :p

    Do you game a lot? If you don�t, you better get off with base 21.5� or base 27� for screen estate

    Truly, gaming is an expensive hobby. Be thankful if you hate video games, since you won�t care about how many FPS you can get from your screen

    My score? No doubt 11 .. oops i mean 10

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  • furryrabidbunny
    Sep 12, 03:41 PM
    Ok... this crap HP i have only has 256 ram. I have a few extra sticks of 256 lying around, but i have no way of knowing what type they are. Is there any harm in just sticking them in to see if they will work?

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  • MacRumors
    Dec 10, 02:22 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2009/12/10/apple-makes-new-language-localization-options-available-to-app-store-developers/)

    Apple today announced (http://developer.apple.com/iphone/news/archives/december2009/#languagesupport) that it has rolled out support for six new languages and their corresponding localized App Stores for developers using iTunes Connect to submit their iPhone applications.With over 50 million users of iPhone and iPod touch in 81 countries around the world, it's more important than ever to make your app available in a user's language of choice. You can, and should, create localized versions of your app for each market you sell to. In iTunes Connect, you can customize your app's metadata, keywords and screenshots for each localized version.The newly-supported languages include:

    - Brazilian Portuguese: Brazil App Store
    - Korean: Korea App Store
    - Portuguese: Portugal App Store
    - Russian: Russia App Store
    - Simplified Chinese: China App Store
    - Swedish: Sweden App Store

    A lack of localization for applications and their instructions have been cited among the many challenges (http://www.macrumors.com/2009/11/17/chinese-app-store-growing-amid-challenges/) faced by the App Store in China.

    Article Link: Apple Makes New Language Localization Options Available to App Store Developers (http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2009/12/10/apple-makes-new-language-localization-options-available-to-app-store-developers/)

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  • Shifty
    Dec 22, 09:03 PM
    meh...it's just to entertain. :)

    that must of taken a lot of work :)

    I hope not to see this thread turn into a 'MacRumors vs Spymac' war, or a Spymac-bashing thread. :rolleyes:

    At the end of the day, we're just mac-related sites full of mac-lovers.

    I wonder whether MacRumors will make a trailer? ;)

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  • MacTech68
    Mar 28, 06:23 AM
    I'm more curious about what else may be roaming around there (considering the department it's come from).

    I remember in my second year working with Apple IIs, the local clone dealer loaned us a robotic arm with an Apple II interface and software.

    You could program 3 vectors and the arm would 'navigate' to that position.

    I've never been able to remember the name of the device and for a school it's usefulness was limited, but it was fun to play with.

    IIRC, you could program positions for each joint in a sequence and kind of make it dance to a routine. :D

    I wonder if it's floating around down there?

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  • panoz7
    Apr 9, 06:18 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    No, Stella. They are a helluva lot more than just javascript. Go look it up and post your findings.

    I came to the same conclusion as Stella after reading both of those linked to stories. These sound just like bookmarklets, except you don't have to manually type in the javascript string. What am I missing? And don't tell me to google it -- I already tried.

    Technically, modules are somehow similar to bookmarklets, but with more features and more flexibility. This means the modules are written in JavaScript code and they can do everything that can be done with JavaScript. Unlike bookmarklets, where the complete JavaScript code must be squeezed in one single line so that it can be used as a URL with “javascript” scheme, the modules can be nicely formatted, without any line limitation. Modules have a special header section where the module properties are defined. The properties include an icon that is displayed in the Modules panel of iCab Mobile, but also settings which do allow the user to configure the module in the iCab Mobile module settings panel.

    That's from iCAB's website. Yes, technically it's third party code, but so is the javascript on any website. I don't really see the distinction. If malicious javascript can do damage through the modules then I don't see why it couldn't do it through the browser as well.

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  • ProfDrSilver
    Oct 20, 10:48 PM
    15K PPD? Would you care to explain? With the new version of VMware 3.0 I can get it to do 8000 to 9000PPD on two 4 Core instances....

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  • Laike
    Apr 10, 09:51 PM
    Tears in screen protector from applying? holy crap, what are you using to push out bubbles, a knife?

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  • ChargedPC
    May 6, 12:09 PM
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB in our 2.7GHz 27" i5.

    Anyone successfully swapped out their stock hard drive for an upgraded size, or does anyone have info on the 2TB sized models?

    Also can people post the firmware version if possible. Thanks!

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  • SL4VE
    Apr 11, 04:44 PM
    ok cool, anything else? im just about to email Santa for this year

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  • Ping Guo
    May 5, 09:06 AM
    One is a desktop, the other is an ultraportable.

    If you need a portable computer, get the Air. If not, the iMac is a far better value. It's pretty simple.:o

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 6, 07:06 PM
    You didn't backup before upgrading to Lion?
    A clean install of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is your only option, as the dozens of other already existing threads can tell you - MRoogle (http://mroogle.edesignuk.com/) might help you there.
    Short version: Clean Install of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (http://guides.macrumors.com/Clean_Install_of_OS_X_10.6_Snow_Leopard)
    Long version: Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard: How to Erase and Install (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3910)

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  • spillproof
    Jul 23, 08:59 PM
    So, I guess Windows needs to update their XP background then, huh?

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  • lilcosco08
    May 2, 09:57 PM
    See poll

    Dual core iP5 would be nice, not needed though

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  • CompLuter
    Feb 23, 06:10 PM
    maybe you don't need to decide right now whether it will be more than a hobby.

    if you love it, then keep working at it! enter competitions, share your photos with friends, and have a gallery exhibit when you're ready. ultimately, if/when you are ready to be professional, it will be clear. but don't limit yourself with labels for now- just keep taking pictures, keep experimenting, and be open to possibility.

    check out this guy: http://ericsambol.com/
    photography is his passion, and his job is completely unrelated. it's been really cool to watch his progress.

    keep up the passion:)

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  • Stampyhead
    Dec 16, 12:00 PM
    Ok, as of today there are no iPod minis at Circuit City or Sharper Image (at least here in Phoenix anyway) and I had found one on PowerMax's website, but they were already sold out of them before I could order one. I had started a deal with another member here, but his unit needed the battery replaced and couldn't have it done and sent to me before next Thursday (that's when I need it). So that said, is there anyone else here who would like to sell me their iPod mini (any color)? If there are any takers, I can send you money via PayPal today if you can ship it today or tomorrow.

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  • Bartos88
    May 5, 05:00 AM
    Hi, I am currently deciding which 27" imac to get. With student discount the i5 3.1GHz would be 1.670,76 euro. For 1.846,88 (176 euro more) I could get the i7. I read that only the i7 has hyperthreading. Could someone explain in layman's terms what that means? Would this only give an advantage when using specialized applications that are optimized for quad-core use, or does hyperthreading also increase performance on applications that are not made for multi-core use?

    Also, if I choose not to get the i7. Would it make more sense to go with the cheaper 2.7GHz i5 because of the higher turbo-boost which brings the performance closer to the 3.1 i5. I'm probably not gonna play much games, so the 512MB should be enough for me, but maybe for future-proofing/resale-value it would be wiser to get the 1GB?

    Any info/advice would be appreciated :)

    Jan 14, 12:22 PM
    I'll try but I'll be on MacRumours by half 5, and then I'll watch the video on Wednesday probably.

    What the hell?? Wednesday? Aren't they going to post the video tuesday night?????/ :confused:

    Jan 17, 09:48 PM
    I'm a teacher who has brought his class every year to MacWorld. We always come on Friday. I don't think that any booths close down on Friday until the late afternoon. My kids like the fact that vendors are more willing to give away free stuff on Fridays.

    So...I don't think it would be a waste of your time.

    where do u teach?!

    May 3, 10:48 PM
    They're all the same. Get the fastest/cheapest.

    Agreed. I only got crucial b.c the price was almost the same $$ as the g.skill.

    That being said EVERYONE uses g.skill ram in the PC world. They all OC very well. I hvn't heard of many complaints.

    IMHO OWC and Crucial is ripoffs unless you get a good price.

    No ice please
    Oct 31, 12:18 PM
    What I have on my laptop now. I'll get a picture of my DVD and VHS collection later.

    Feb 29, 04:47 PM
    Ha, I have been looking for one of these to try out ATT for a while and just got lucky enough to be signing on to MR when your post was at the top!

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